10 Employee Benefits to Kickstart the New Year

Sally Hetherington   7 January, 2021
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2020 was a year to be remembered - a year when we laughed, we cried, we supported, and we soldiered on. Many of our employees have had to commit like never before, juggling working from home, ongoing restrictions and an unusual work/home balance. 

Never have employee benefits and rewards been so important to remind your employees of what they achieved and how important they are to your business. We’re sure they are ready for new opportunities, new experiences and new beginnings - so why not start their new year off with some amazing and practical employee rewards? We have rounded up our favourites to kickstart the new year!

Hit the Road in a New Pair of Trainers 

With the new lock down recently announced the good news is that daily runs are still allowed. Make time outside count with a new pair of trainers from New Balance. New Balance offers a variety of styles to suit your needs, with shoes designed for trail running, road running as well as lifestyle. 

They also offer all the activewear you need including joggers, fleeces and light-weight shirts to keep you comfortable and stylish. Staff Treats members receive 20% off any full priced item.

employee benefit discount on rayban

Play it Cool in a New Pair of Sunnies

Now that you’ve got yourself fully kitted out for your daily exercise, make sure you protect your eyes from the glare with a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses while looking hella cool in the process. Ray-Ban offers various shapes to suit any face, as well as polarised lenses for heightened clarity and colour to reduce eye strain and protect your eyes. 

For those who need prescription lenses - they’ve got you covered! Ray-Ban is offering Staff Treats members 20% off all eyeglasses and sunglasses, as well as free shipping and free returns. 

Keep Track of Your Health

It’s important to maintain both physical and mental health, particularly in a pandemic when we are under certain restrictions. Fitbit offers a range of trackers that not only track your heart-rate and step count while you exercise, but also track your food, weight and sleep. 

Fitbits also have the ability to keep you motivated , nudging you to keep to your goals and reminders to move - this is particularly important when working from home! Fitbit seamlessly syncs with your smartphone helping you to track your progress. Receive 25% off selected Fitbit lines with your Staff Treats membership to stay healthy in 2021!

Upgrade Your Gadgets

Being at home means that you need to have all the right tools at your fingertips, from up-to-date PCs for WFH entertainment - because we all need some downtime. At Currys PC World you can find everything from computers, gaming consoles and phones to home appliances and televisions. 

Curry PC World also offers free delivery and payment terms to help keep you in tech in less than ideal times. They’re offering 7% off any e-voucher purchases - a great employee benefit to make working from and staying at home easier. 

Show your employees that you care about their wellbeing whilst working from home. Click here for our favourite wellbeing tools and gadgets.

employee benefit discount on audible

Take Time Out to Relax

While working from home has its benefits, it does require you to be more mindful of taking time for yourself to unwind and step away from your desk. A great way to switch off is to switch on - to audiobooks. Lose yourself in tales of faraway lands, gripping crime thrillers or even riveting documentaries with audiobooks from Amazon’s Audible

Start your audio library, exchange books you aren’t enjoying and download to listen offline - all through your mobile device. Audible is offering Staff Treats members up to 50% off monthly memberships, giving you time to experience the magic of audiobooks before making a long-term commitment.

Keep it to Yourself!

Now that you’ve chosen and downloaded the perfect audiobook to keep you entertained - you don’t want your whole family being subjected to it, but having to unravel those earphone wires causes frustration, which defeats the purpose of relaxation! 

Not everyone can afford expensive branded earbuds, which is why GoGroopie is offering a huge 80% off wireless earbuds and charging case to Staff Treats members - so enjoy your music and audiobooks on the go, wherever you are. But hurry - this offer expires 31 Jan! 

Shop til you Drop

In current circumstances it’s difficult to keep your winter wardrobe up to date, however with Ben Sherman you can shop from the safety of your own home. Choose your colour, fit and size, in everything from polo shirts and T’s to chinos, shorts, and even their necessary but stylish winter jackets - all safely and conveniently delivered to your door. 

With Valentine’s Day around the corner you’ll find the perfect gift for any man! Get 20% off everything when you use your Staff Treats employee benefits - click here to shop the deal!

employee benefit discount on healthy food boxes

Simplify Your Suppers

Being stuck at home needn’t mean that you have to live on ramen and tinned soup! Stay safe inside while still feeling like you are eating restaurant quality food with Gousto meal boxes. 

Receive your pre-prepared box of ingredients and cook up a delicious meal using their easy-to-follow recipes, with only the freshest ingredients from trusted suppliers, from as little as £2.98 per serving. Gousto is rewarding Staff Treats members with 30% off all orders for your first month so click here now to start cooking!

Cut Out the Carbs

Let’s be honest, we’ve all overindulged a bit over the festive season, and now it’s time to regain control! It’s so easy when working from home to reach for a quick high sugar high carb snack, so consider Exante for a good stock of healthy snacks and meal replacements. 

Exante offers simple, flexible and easy to follow diet plans - whether you are wanting to lose weight, maintain, or simply have more healthy choices - all conveniently and safely delivered to your door. If that’s not incentive enough, Staff Treats members will receive 40% off meal replacements, so start your journey to a healthier you.

Click here to find out how you could be killing employee productivity by offering unhealthy office snacks! 

employee benefit discount on covid test

Keep Your Loved Ones Safe

In these tough times we are all doing our bit to stay safe and stay at home, however there will always be occasions where we need to leave the house or travel urgently. And while we mask up, santise and social distance there is still always a risk that we might come into contact with Covid 19. 

RightAngled offers home delivery of PCR Tests with a 24 hour results turnaround, for your peace of mind. Stay safe with their Staff Treats employee benefit discount of 25% all Covid 19 PCR Tests

This is just a small sample of our most popular employee benefits. Book a demo with us today to find out more. 

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