Employee Engagement: 10 of the Best Apps to Engage with your Employees

Amy Roberts   6 August, 2020
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Looking for new ways to engage with your employees? Why not go mobile-first! There are a host of apps available on the App Store and Google Play that are catered entirely to people management, retention and productivity. Here’s a quick run down of 10 of the best apps for employee engagement:

1. Culture Amp 

Culture Amp helps businesses to retain their best people with turnover predictions. Through their insightful data they’ve realised that not all top performers are engaged and not all engaged employees are high-performing. Their machine learning algorithms combine engagement and performance data to show businesses which employees might turn over and why. The app also allows companies to develop their employees by setting and managing agile goals as well as collecting feedback through their objective evaluations feature. The only downside - all employees need to have an iPhone to be able to engage with the platform -  the app is only available on the App Store for iPhone. 

2. Ambassify

Ambassify’s app aims to help companies leverage communities within their database by recruiting their own employees as brand ambassadors to benefit their digital marketing strategies.Their app allows employees to feel engaged by contributing their feedback and opinions while simultaneously providing valuable insights for the employer. Brand advocates who speak positively on behalf of the company, can be selected to promote social content to their networks through reward programs, enabling businesses to get more reach out of their content and spend less on paid advertising.

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3. Qualtrics XM

More than an online survey tool, Qualtrics empowers businesses to capture customer, product, brand and employee experience insights all in one place. Companies can get employee opinions at scale by enabling employees to give feedback how and when it suits them. Their scalable employee software, complete with expert content and surveys, helps companies to capture ongoing employee feedback to drive organisational change. Their experience management tool analyses data based on advanced text-based and statistics-based analysis and data can be securely shared to senior management through interactive real time dashboards.

4. Freshteam

Helping HR and People Directors to complete their work on the go, the Freshteam app features hiring management, time-off management and an employee directory. The hiring management tool allows managers to create, maintain and view interview schedules as well as create candidate profile pages. With the time-off management functionality employees can request or cancel time-off, check their balance of leave days and view the team availability calendar while HR managers can approve or decline leave requests and view employee time-off trends. Lastly, the employee directory allows employees to browse company departments to connect with their co-workers. 

5. Bonusly

Bonusly is an employee recognition app that allows teams to publicly recognise their co-workers by giving small bonuses that accumulate into significant rewards. Companies can use the app to celebrate their values, and build a recognition-rich company culture. From our research we noticed there are some minor bugs on the Android version but the iOS version has 5 out of 5 star reviews so this is a great app for iPhone loyal teams. 

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6. Blink

Blink is an internal communication and intranet app that also allows businesses and their employees to access timetables, view payslips, manage shifts and book vacation days. The four key features include Feed - for top down internal communications, Chat - for secure team communication, Directory - to search and find co-workers and Hub - to access documents and shortcuts. 

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7. Hootsuite Amplify

Using a company’s best brand advocates - their employees - Hootsuite Amplify boosts social reach through employee advocacy, similar to Ambassify. Businesses are able to create pre-approved content for members of their organisation to share, so that the messaging is accurate, clear, and on-brand. Their mobile-first environment integrates with Workplace by Facebook and aims to boost employee engagement by making it easy for people to stay connected and informed. 

8. TINYpulse

Tinypulse gives companies the ability to increase communication and transparency, improve and measure culture, as well as reduce turnover - all in one app. Their engagement feature offers managers the chance to collect employee feedback through surveys, it also allows peer to peer recognition and the suggestions option allows for internal brainstorming while on the go. Using the perform feature staff are able to set shared or personal careers goals with measurable performance that can be tracked over time. 

9. 15Five

Available on iOS as 15Five and on Android as 15Five Lite,  this employee communication platform is for managers who want to gain insights into employee progress and for employees to receive valuable feedback to advance in their careers. Employees can enter their goals for the upcoming week and track their accomplishments as well as receive feedback from managers. The app is perfect for remote teams to do weekly check-ins. Based on reviews, the app only seems suitable for employees with iPhones as the 15Five Lite app doesn’t hasn’t scored well on the Play Store.

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10. Udex 360

Starting from $9.99 a month, Udex 360 Feedback is an HR tool for talent development, performance review preparation, HR employee reviews, management coaching and continuous feedback, team building and training. Businesses can use the platform to capture moments of accomplishment and opportunities for improvement to increase employee engagement allowing teams to celebrate successes, learn from failures, and continue growing.

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