10 ways to engage your employees with Reward and Recognition

Talya Zwiers   8 July, 2019
Employee Engagement

If you want to attract the right caliber of staff or retain your top talent and keep them excited and engaged about coming to work, then outdated reward and recognition tactics won’t cut it in today’s ever-demanding era. What may have worked 10 years ago isn’t going to cut it in today’s workplace. The key to success in keeping your employees engaged and motivated and taking your reward and recognition experience to the next level lays in being thoughtful in your approach. After all, great work shouldn’t go unnoticed.

Discover 10 fun ways to reward and recognize the hard work and milestones of your team, no matter the size and industry of your company:

1. Breakfast treats
Start the day off by treating the team to their favourite breakfast and start the day off positively. This could be everything from their favourite coffees to fruit platters, pastries or a full blown breakfast spread. Let the team mingle and network before getting started with the day.

2. Hand-written thank yous!
There’s nothing nicer than when your boss / manager takes the time to say thank you with a hand written personal note. The sheer time and effort says a lot more than a generic impersonal email. This portrays sincerity and care.

3. Offer flexi-time
Flexibility can often be more dear to an employee than a physical token of appreciation. Your employees will feel the recognition and that their time is too. Allow some sort of flexi-time schedule, within reason.

4. Give back to a charity
If there is a charity which is close to your star employee’s heart, why not consider giving a charitable donation in their name in honour of a particular milestone? This will mean a lot to the employee as well as make a difference to the charitable cause, a win-win! This is a fantastic way to show you care about what’s important and meaningful to them.

5. Lottery tickets
Instead of giving a financial reward to recognise the hard work of an individual or a team, give a lottery ticket! This may only cost a couple of pounds, but the earnings can be far greater. It is also a fun way to get the team talking and engaged.

6. VIP Parking
Let the awarded staff member park up front at work for the week and feel like a true VIP! Your team will love the convenience and treat... remember it's the small things that make the big impact.

7. Invite the nearest and dearest
Planning on giving recognition in the office, be it a public thank you or a presentation of sort to acknowledge a milestone? Invite the winner's nearest and dearest family and let them share in the pride of the moment... come on - share the love! 

8. Be anonymous
Everyone loves a little surprise and the spontaneity of a kind gesture. Why not leave random thank-you, well-done, appreciation notes around the office and engage the team silently? This can be done no matter what level the employee is.

9. Healthy rewards
An unique way to reward a staff member for a job well done could be a free membership to a gym for a couple of months and then a discounted membership thereafter. Everyone appreciates the gift of good health.

10. One-to-one mentoring
A highly sought after reward is a mentoring programme, where the winner can be mentored by a leader of choice. There's nothing greater than being in the presence and learning from someone you admire. This will allow the employee to gain value insight and knowledge as well as feel motivated and engaged to do more.

It's so easy for companies to get bogged down in the ebbs and flows of day-to-day working, but taking time out to recognise, appreciate and say thank you to the team can go a long way.

If you’d like to find out how Staff Treats could help engage your hard-working team, why not speak to one of our Engagement Specialists?

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