4 Ingredients that Create Employee Happiness

Stephanie Butter   24 March, 2020
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Happy employees are crucial to any business. A happy employee will not only feel valued and enjoy the part they play within the team but also produce higher quality work and have greater loyalty towards the company. As such, it is vital that employee wellbeing is a top priority in every workplace. What creates employee happiness? There are four ingredients that make all the difference to keeping your team satisfied, motivated and productive.

1. Company Culture 

Company culture has an enormous influence on the happiness of those working at an organisation. When a positive company culture is nurtured, business success naturally follows. Employees who feel that they are valued as a crucial part of the team and benefit from perks at work are more likely to be loyal. When employees are encouraged to work as a team and achieve their goals together, both individual team members and the company as a whole will thrive! Most of us spend a third of our life in the workplace: it’s important that we enjoy being there, rather than dread arriving at work every morning.

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2. Good Work-Life Balance

A healthy balance between work and personal life is paramount. If your employees are unable to juggle their home commitments alongside their employment duties, their personal life will suffer, and inevitably, this will feed back into their professional lives. Allowing your employees to take care of their home and family obligations will give them more headspace to focus on their work without distraction. Allowing them to spend the morning working from home while waiting for an electrician will not only help them resolve issues at home, but will give them a powerful sense of being trusted and autonomous in their role. When employees feel they are trusted to manage their own workload as they see fit, staff retention rates are high. If you foster a good work-life balance, you may find that you become a very desirable company to work for, attracting high-calibre talent.

3. The Opportunity to Learn in the Workplace

Enabling employees to learn and develop within the workplace helps them to build confidence and expertise. With rapid advances in technology and fast-paced industry developments, it is increasingly important to make sure that your employees’ industry knowledge and skills are up to date. With these skills, team members can grow in their roles, complete work to a higher standard and take on new responsibilities within the organisation.



4. The Office Environment

Environment plays a huge role in contributing to employee happiness - and no, this isn’t a segue into the threat of climate change. You’ve heard that creating a tidy and inviting home can clear your mind and help you focus. Well, this is applicable to office space too. If the environment in which your staff are spending 8 or more hours each day is bright, tidy and functional, they will feel better, and in turn, be more productive. No one wants to spend their lunch break fishing through a sink full of dirty dishes to find a teaspoon. By curating a well-designed, well-maintained workplace, you can expect to see employees smiling more and not getting distracted by an unpleasant work environment.

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