5 Employee Perks to Engage Your Employees at Work this Summer

Talya Zwiers   17 July, 2018
Employee Perks
Summer’s here and spirits are high. There’s a happy buzz around with the sun shinning and a lot of sporting events and summer festivals on the go. The holidays may be approaching so what better time to engage your employees and say thank you for all their efforts?

Employee engagement should be at the forefront of all employers’ agendas as it is one of the make or break factors in retaining your employees and ensuring they are motivated. There’s so much an employer can do to help boost productivity while minds may wonder to beaches and vacations and away from meetings and boardrooms in the summer months. According to Gallup, nearly 70% of employees are disengaged in their current roles. Engaged employees are happier, more fulfilled and are eager to take on challenges and pursue more professionally.

Here are some fun employee perks to embrace the atmosphere and engage your team.

1. Offer healthy snack options at your workplace
A simple, yet effective way to engage your staff is to have a healthy snack station available on site. Encourage your team to have fresh fruit for breakfast, or a cereal bar from extra energy. Nutrition fuels performance, and engagement is all about feeling energized and rearing to go. Have a suggestion box for your staff to tell you what snacks they’d like, be it dried fruit, nuts or popcorn. This may be a small cost to the business but it will yield big results.

2. Bring the workout to the office
Time constraints may be one of the biggest challenges for your employees, especially those with lengthy commutes and out of work commitments. Why not get a personal trainer in and offer your team weekly exercise, Pilates or yoga classes? Let your team destress during the day and have time to unwind. This, too, will encourage team time where employees from different teams will have the opportunity to hang out together. A midday adrenaline boost can prevent your team from hitting the 4pm wall of tiredness and reaching for their next caffeine fix. This employee perk will be well received and really popular.

3. Team moments
Sitting at a desk week in and week out can no doubt become mind-numbing. Surprise your team with some fun days out - a popular employee perk which is loved across the board. Hold your next team meeting with drinks and snacks outside, on the rooftop or in the local park. This can help making your team ultra-productive during the workday as they will be refreshed and rejuvenated. Organise quarterly team events such as bowling, cocktail making classes or paintballing. Creating a sense of togetherness and bonding is a valuable benefit that far surpasses any financial investment.

4. Encourage workplace wellness
Incentivisiting wellness in the workplace is a great perk that extends over and above a 9-5 job. When a company recognises the importance and extensive benefits of a holistically well employee, the benefits far outweigh contributions required from the company. Wellness is contagious and once it has buy-in from the team, it has the potential to spread across your organisation. You can offer meditation classes or give your staff discounted membership to meditation and relaxation apps, like Headspace. Encourage your team to take time out in the day and step away from their screens and have a well-deserved lunch break. This will help with stress and anxiety and give your employees time to recalibrate and be more effective.

5. Summer Fridays
One of the most widespread employee perks implemented over the summer months is letting the team finish early on a Friday. This is an easy way to show you care about the work-life balance. A recent study by Gartner revealed that 42% of organisations are now offering this especially as employees are ‘mentally checked-out’ and try to sneak out over these months. This is an effective tool to re-engage your team, and an employee perk that is often worth more than money. This too can also help your reputation as a company, illuminating it as a company that cares about its employees.

These simple, yet effective employee perks can boost the morale in your team and give them the extra push over the summer months. Employee perks like such are often a tool in retaining happy and passionate employees, so it’s a win-win all round!

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