5 employee perks to engage your employees this spring

Talya Zwiers   16 April, 2019
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Spring has sprung, the blossoms are out and people are smiling. What better time to add in some fun, cheerful employee perks for the whole team? Bring some cheer into the office, show you care and let the spring buzz spread. With this in mind, why not consider which employee benefits and perks will best resonate with your team this time of year? Below are five easily-implemented and fun ways to motivate and engage your employees:

1.Casual Fridays
Take advantage of the longer days and introduce casual Fridays for the spring and summer months. Let your team come in casual attire, bring the drinks trolley round at 4pm or take the team to the local pub for a round of drinks. Let your team let their hair down, and drop the suits and boots. You could encourage different departments to do different team building activities weekly / monthly such as make cocktails for the team.

2. Healthy body, healthy mind
After the long winter slump, it's time to get ready for the spring. Maintaining a healthy body and mind can have a plethora of positive effects including boosting productivity, decreasing absenteeism and increasing team morale. One perk could be to offer discounted gym memberships to your team through an employee benefits portal. In addition, why not bring a trainer in-house and offer weekly yoga / HIIT or pilates classes for the team? 

3. Travel savings
With summer just around the corner, give your team access to a host of travel savings and discounts. Give the team a helping hand by providing packages, access to a travel concierge service and savings on an employee discount platform. Savings can include local getaways to luxury breaks for the whole family, there's something for everyone.

4. Access to events and tickets
With festival galore approaching and a host of fun sunny events in the pipeline, give your team access to sold-out and hard to get tickets. A ticketing concierge agent can do just that where your employees can benefit most and really enjoy the events they love. In addition to live events, give the gift of discounted cinema tickets and days out tickets to attractions and experiences, with everything from racing a F1 car to high tea at the Ritz.

5. Discounted e-vouchers
Planning to do some DIY this spring? BBQ with the family? Or having fun-filled picnics with your friends? The list is endless and so are the opportunities with discounted e-vouchers and shopping cards from Tesco, B&Q, Morrisons, Sainsbury's and so on. Simply give the team access to a shopping portal and let them save on things they would have bought anyway.

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