5 Employee Perks Which Support Learning and Personal Growth

Stephanie Butter   19 February, 2020
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Learning new things gives us a sense of accomplishment, it gives us a confidence boost and concretes our own abilities firmly in our mind.

Learning shouldn’t stop when a formal education does. We believe that employees should be supported by furthering their learning, both inside and outside of the workplace. This can be achieved through an employee reward and recognition scheme. It’s proven that learning increases happiness and happiness increases employee motivation.

We’ve put together a list of our top 5 educational employee perks which will motivate your employees to keep upskilling themselves. The best part is that they’re all available as discounted offers through our platform!

1. Busuu

Unlock languages with a Busuu membership. Learning a language is a great personal tool. It can also be beneficial in the workplace. The ability to communicate with potential clients from all over the world has many advantages. Busuu provides complete courses in 12 different languages. It has a fantastic online community and the courses are high quality, there are thousands of different lessons to take part in. There is something to suit every individual learning style. Why not encourage employees to set up a conversation practice at lunchtime?

2. Udemy

Udemy has tens of thousands of online courses, all of which can be taken from the comfort of your own home. They can be enjoyed at any pace and you can learn to cook, dance, take photos, play the guitar and so much more through the resources available. Learning something new supports a healthy mind and overall wellbeing.

3. Waterstones

We think encouraging your staff to read is also a great way to support their mental wellbeing in the workplace. Sitting down for 20 minutes with a cup of coffee and a good read is a wonderful way to reset and gear up for a productive afternoon. Reading has been linked to stress reduction and improved focus and concentration. Open a world of knowledge for your employees through the joy of (discounted) books from Waterstones.

Thinking of adding a book club to your employee benefits? Click here to find out why you should.


4. Museums

Whilst it may not be everybody’s cup of tea there is no denying that a day out to a museum or cultural centre is an educational experience for the whole family. Contribute to your employee’s family time and education, it’s no secret that family days out can be expensive, especially by the time the café has been visited, so help stretch the budget that little bit further, with discounts averaging around 20% it’s sure to be one of the more appreciated employee perks!

5. Lonely Planet

A discount on the Lonely Planet store is a fantastic start to any trip. Whilst many people travel purely to relax, travelling broadens your horizons and introduces you to new experiences. The Lonely Planet travel guides inform and educate about thousands of destinations around the world. They are a fantastic travel companion and help maximise any trip. Be sure to check out the travel employee benefits before you make a booking!

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Gaining access to these employee perks plus many more couldn’t be easier. If you’re not yet a member of Staff Treats then book a demo and if you are, then log in and explore what is available to you.

Stephanie Butter

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