5 ways to motivate your team with reward and recognition

Talya Zwiers   25 March, 2019
Employee Engagement reward and recognition

Employees are a company’s biggest asset, so taking the necessary time and effort to nurture and maintain company-employee relationships are business critical. It’s a costly task to constantly acquire new staff, train them and ensure they are happy – so there needs to be a shift in focus in order to retain your team and ensure they are engaged. It’s easy for companies to get bogged down in the day-to-day ebbs and flows, but taking the time to stop, appreciate and recognise your employees can make all the difference.

Rewarding and recognising the extra mile your team has gone or the consistent hard work of a specific team member doesn’t have to break the bank. Companies don’t need to have mega bucks in order to thank and make someone feel valued and special. It’s time to start thinking out the box with some fun and creative ways which will make all the difference. Below are five fun ways to motivate your team:

1. Hand-written thank you notes
Nothing speaks louder than a personal, hand-written thank you note on your desk from your line manager. There’s something special when someone takes the time to send a thank you, it makes you want to continue going that extra mile.

2. Gift of time: flexible working is the way forward
Sometimes flexibility can be dearer to an employee than a financial voucher / day out. Giving an employee the flexibility to come in slightly earlier or working from home one day a week shows that a company truly respects and values an individual’s lifestyle and needs. Don’t sit and clock watch 9 -5 for every employee, trust and respect they will get the job done and recognise this.

3. Give your team a chance to win: give a lottery ticket
Try something different – recognise the hard work and milestones achieved by your team by saying thank you and giving them a lottery ticket - it only costs £2! Super simple – yet effective!

4. VIP Parking
Why not recognise the outstanding work of someone in the team by letting them park upfront at work? Reserve a parking space and give it out weekly, there’s nothing like feeling like a VIP. Your team will love the convenience of such a gesture, remember it’s the small things that make all the difference.

5. A healthy thank you
With the proliferation of healthy living choices out there, reward your team with a healthy option. Give them an annual gym membership, treat them to a series of yoga, sign them up to a meditation app like HeadSpace, the list is endless, and the results are too!

An employee reward and recognition solution should not be one-size fits all, there should be personalisation and it should be moulded to the culture of your organisation. Take into account the demographics and likes of your team and reward and recognise accordingly.

Staff Treats understands the little things can make the biggest difference. Let us help you celebrate your employee's exceptional performance and say well done for a job well done. Speak to one of our Engagement consultants who can discuss a bespoke employee reward and recognition solution especially for your business.
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