5 Steps to Kickstarting Your Employee Benefits Scheme

Talya Zwiers   22 July, 2019
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Offering your employee benefits has so many advantages, so ensuring the scheme is kickstarted in the most effective manner possible should be a critical business objective. Let your scheme help with employee engagement and motivation, let it be a means to increasing performance and productivity and making you stand out from your competitors. Ensure the different requirements of your team have been taken into account in order to maximize engagement. Below are five fail safe steps to positively kickstarting your scheme and watching your team go from strength to strength:

1. Have a detailed plan in place
Start by doing your research and homework both internally and externally, the more ground work you do in the beginning the better foot you’ll begin with. Internally, decide what type of employee benefits programme you’d like to implement, be it a simple discounts scheme or a comprehensive package including salary sacrifice options and wellbeing add-ons. There are a lot of providers in the market, so discuss all options to see what best matches your business goals and objectives. In addition, check the resources you have on hand for implementation, ongoing customer care and technological support. The type of platform you choose is a crucial decision, as this will dictate the offers and discounts your team will have access to, so interview your team, see what appeals to them, ensure the scheme is geographically well-suited to all offices and the savings are relevant and attractive.

2. Understanding the ins and outs of your team
Demographics and geography is key when deciding on the type of platform you’re going to implement. Gone are the days where all you heard about was how to attract the millennials – this generation are now long past the junior roles, with the introduction of Generation Z. Organisations cannot forget about Generation X, the Baby Boomers or even the Traditionalists. What appeals to one generation won’t necessarily appeal to another. Also, consider if majority of your offers, if not all online, are based for retailers located nearby your offices. If you’re a small company based in the Republic of Ireland, but no discounts work at local vendors, the uptake and engagement will be poor. One key area to focus on which appeals across the board is health and wellbeing. Ensure whichever scheme you choose, make sure it houses the major wellness benefits, from discounted gym memberships to Employee Assistance Programmes, health suppliers and more.

3. Remember user experience is key
Make the platform easy to use. If you’d like to see engagement levels rise, ensure the user journey is easy, the interface is clean and simple to navigate and use. Ensuring the portal is fully mobile-optimised is crucial as a lot of employees browse and shop through their phones and tablets. Even better, check your supplier offers a dedicated mobile app which is free to download on both iOs and Android. Discounts should be easy to purchase and use online, be it purchasing discounted cinema vouchers and using it at your chosen cinema of choice to buy tickets. Having a live online chat facility where employees can talk to a customer care agent about queries is a clever idea in the user journey and can help iron out any complaints and transactions which are not as straightforward.

4. Spread the word
Ensure your workforce all know about the employee benefits platform – this may sound like a no brainer! Don’t only mention it at inductions of new starters, but have regular engagement days and personalized emails to communicate the platform. The more your team know how to use the platform, the exclusive offers on hand and how to like and recommend offers to other colleagues, the more usage and more benefits will be redeemed. Have a dedicated member to be on hand to be there to answer questions as and when they arise. Invite your benefits provider to your office to have an employee fair where employees can answer questions and show the team how the platform operates. Use promotional literature to educate the team and encourage your team to sign up to weekly newsletters to receive dedicated offers and savings. The more they know, the more they should use the scheme.

5. Engagement monitoring
Keep an eye on engagement levels and registrations to understand how the platform is performing and how your team are interacting. It’s important to know if the offers are resonating with your team and what offers are most commonly used. If you have a predominately male workforce, it’ll be interesting to see if more car and technology offers are taken advantage of for example. You can also monitor the spend of your employees on cashbacks and e-vouchers vs the savings they may make. You can see buying behaviours and analyze spending patterns and can speak to your benefits provider to see if more of a certain type of offer should be added. In addition, doing anonymous surveys and questionnaires about the benefits and savings may be a useful exercise to ensure you’re getting bang for your buck and your team the most engaged they can be.

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