5 ways employee engagement can create happy employees

Talya Zwiers   9 October, 2018
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It is said that money can’t buy happiness. So can money buy happy employees? The value of happy employees stretches far beyond measure, as it is your workforce who drive your business forward, and when they are motivated – their passion and desire to achieve propels them to greatness and productivity. What businesses aim to achieve is a happy environment, where employees want to come into work instead of a group of clock watching people counting down the seconds ‘til home time.

Happy employees are the ones who care about your company and have a burning desire to help the company succeed, whether it’s from a marketing point of view promoting your services, or a finance perspective, saving money and working efficiently. What makes employees happy if when they feel invested in the organisation’s performance, that they feel they are making a difference and they are needed. According to Growth Everywhere, 20% of companies with happy employees outperform their competition.

For SMEs as well as big corporates looking for ways to engage and grow their teams with the right people who are happy, here are five successful ways which large corporates have implemented to attain employee happiness:

Invest in professional development and training
When it comes to professional development and training, some businesses are torn and with adequate reason. They obviously want their employees to be well-equipped, highly skilled, experienced and in the know of all the latest trends and developments, however are worried it will create a double-edged sword where these employees will how desert them for high paying jobs elsewhere. According to Huffington Post, not investing in employee training is risky. This short sighted perspective is dangerous, as companies who fail to develop their employees, are at the peril of damaging team morale and employee happiness, which will in turn, impact the bottom line. There are a whole plethora of benefits in professional development, which extend far beyond just happiness, including increased employee loyalty, decreased staff turnover, having a competitive advantage over competitors and being more flexible in the marketplace and being able to respond to changes as and when they occur.

Celebrate achievements
Time and attention should be taken to celebrate any achievements and milestones of employees and teams. Once a person feels like they have contributed and their efforts have been acknowledged, a great sense of happiness and contentment can be achieved. If employees are rewarded and recognised when a job is well done, this can increase productivity and job satisfaction, enhance teamwork and increase retention of the right caliber of employees. Having a formal reward and recognition programme in place where regular and instant recognition can be given, both from senior leadership as well as peer-to-peer, this will indeed make your team happy.

Don’t forget to have fun
More often than not, work is about the grind and having your foot on the accelerator. While hitting deadlines and getting tasks done on time is the goal, having a bit of fun can increase happiness which will fuel employees to push forward. There are so many ways to have fun which won’t break the bank, from inter-team table tennis competitions, coffee hour, team breakfasts, weekly work drinks and so forth. It’s so important to enjoy what you do and to feel a part of the environment, so it is not a strain to get out of bed every morning.

Transparent communication
Open and honest communication across the board as well as inter-team is vital to make all members of team feel comfortable and happy. When an employee knows there is no judgment and can be honest in all issues at hand, and that they will be dealt with professionally and efficiently, then they feel comfortable to speak up. If all frustrations and stress is kept inside, employees are sure to explode at one point or another, which can lead to anxiety and even a high staff turnover. Keep the team happy but having regular feedback sessions, status meetings as well as informal get togethers.

Mix things up
One way to excite employees is to do things differently. Step away from the customary meetings in a boardroom and have a meeting in a local coffee shop or at the park, encourage hot desking or create theme days where employees are encouraged to be creative and do things as a team. Sitting in a cubical day in and day out doesn’t always do much for morale and happiness. Encourage employees to partake in team building days, in pub quizzes together or even to take a day out as a team to volunteer at a local charity. Mix it up instead of the mundane 9-5. This will create a lot of engagement and enjoyment, which can encourage productivity and inspiration.

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