5 Ways to Encourage Employee Engagement

Talya Zwiers   3 June, 2019
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Engaged employees are priceless. There's no value a company can attach to a team which are engaged, happy and motivated. Employees are a company's biggest ambassadors and can either positively or negatively spread the reputation of the business, so it's worthwhile to take a step back and look at the bigger picture how to best engage your employees - at the end of day it's all about the employee experience. Below are 5 achievable ways to encourage employee engagement:

1. Recognise your employees

One of the basic human necessities is to feel recognised and acknowledged. A lack of recognition has serious negative consequences and can create a wave of disengagement and bad vibes very quickly. Whether it's informal recognition such as taking the time to say a simple "thank you" or "well done", or a formal reward and recognition programme, they both can do wonders. Employees will feel motivated and passionate and their drive and desire to do more and more will duplicate and rub off on others. Invest the time and effort, as the rewards speak for themselves.

2. Have clearly defined company goals
Employees feel most engaged when they have clearly defined goals and targets to hit. When one feels like they have achieved what has been set out from the get go, the more engaged they will be. Employees like to know they are a part of the greater company and that their contribution is valuable and worthwhile. Have weekly / monthly reviews with your team and this will surely encourage and boost employee engagement.

3. Put employee development and advancement at the forefront
Employees, especially millennials, like to view their job as an opportunity to develop, instead of just working for their salary. According to a Gallup poll, 87% of millennials view development as important in their jobs. Employees like to feel challenged and that they have the opportunity to grow. There are a lot of methods to introduce this into your team, from having monthly learning days, to offering part time courses, to shadowing other team members or giving your employees time off to develop the skills they are after. If 

4. Trust and respect the team
Don’t micromanage your team, they are not robots. If you hire the right candidate to do the job, trust and respect that they will get the job done both efficiently and effectively. Employees do not feel engaged when they do not have the freedom and autonomy to do their jobs. Micromanaging can have severe negative consequences with over 65% of employees saying their morale was dampened and 55% said it lead to a decrease in productivity. If you want to create a culture of engagement and productivity, give your team the space they need and be available to guide and support as and when is needed.

5. Be competitive
It's not always only about the pay cheque at the end of the month, sometimes employees are more likely to be engaged when they know their holistic wellbeing is taken into account and they feel valued. By offering employee benefits that your team can use outside the workplace, be it ways to have a work-life balance from discounted cinema tickets to gym memberships, reduced instant vouchers to use on daily grocery shops to all-inclusive travel packages that won't break the bank... the list is endless. If an employee knows that their employer cares for their wellbeing outside the workspace, they are more likely to be constantly engaged and passionate about coming in daily.

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