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Staff Treats Partners With Revoola - a Mind & Wellbeing App for All

Staff Treats is proud to partner with Revoola to give all our clients’ employees access to mind and body fitness. With equal emphasis on mental...
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Employee Engagement: 5 Tips on How to Give Feedback Remotely

Wondering why some of your employees are suddenly not as engaged as they used to be? The way that your managers provide feedback could be a...
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5 of the Best Freemiums to Engage Your Employees

Employee engagement doesn’t always require a load of business capital to be effective. In times like these where many businesses are struggling to...
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Staff Treats Launch Chrome Extension Revolutionising Employee Benefits

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new extension for Chrome, enabling us to better serve our customers and revolutionise the features of...
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Workplace Webinars: Why You Need Gamification to Engage Employees

Have you run out of ideas on how to engage your remote employees during the UK’s 2nd lockdown? Motivation and productivity levels among your team...
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Is There Really a Place for Gamification in the HR Toolkit?

In recent years, the concept of gamification has rapidly grown in popularity. To grasp a better understanding of the art of gamification at work...
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Workplace Webinars: Employee Engagement in the Post-Covid World

We recently hosted our first webinar featuring leading people experts to discuss employee wellbeing in the post-covid world.
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Employee Retention: Why Millennials Will Leave & Other Truths

You’ve hired a golden employee, they’re productive, everyone on the team loves them and you can see loads of potential for your new candidate to...
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Employee Engagement: 10 of the Best Apps to Engage with your Employees

Looking for new ways to engage with your employees? Why not go mobile-first! There are a host of apps available on the App Store and Google Play...
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4 Remote Work & WFH Strategies for Better Employee Retention

For many businesses that weren’t quite set up to comfortably work from home, the pandemic propelled them into a whole new world that they weren’t...
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6 Ways to Retain and Reward Your Best Working Parents

Being a parent is a full time job on its own. No working parent wants to be stuck with a boss who undervalues their contribution to the company....
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Why Your Team Will Benefit From More Sleep & Flexible Work Hours

In this post, we take a look at how implementing flexible work hours and allowing more time for sleep, will benefit your team. As well as how the...
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8 Reasons Why You Should Let Your Employees Work From Home

Working from home has significant benefits for both employees and their companies; however, many companies have been slow to take up the remote...
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8 Steps to Be an Effective Leader in the Workplace

Leadership is learned behaviour that becomes unconscious and automatic over time. For example, leaders can make several important decisions about...
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Covid Wanderlust? 5 Countries That Should be on Your List to Visit

Choosing a holiday destination is not always easy but taking some time off, away from the workplace, should not bear a second thought. We all...
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Top Luxurious Resorts You Do Not Want Your Employees To Miss Out On

Employees all look forward to rewarding themselves with an annual break, with much anticipation. We believe your staff should be able to treat...
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