The Best Employee Perks to Prepare for Winter

Emilie Coalson   1 November, 2019
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Winter is a tough time for many. The days are getting shorter, the nights colder and many of us are feeling a bad case of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) coming on. 

As an employer, you should be concerned with how your employees are adjusting: the season negatively affects people’s moods, and this directly impacts the quantity and quality of their work output. 

Here’s our roundup of a few top perks you can offer your employees this winter to lift their spirits and ensure you hit your company targets this quarter. 


Winter fitness perks

Fitness Perks

For many of us, exercising in the summer is easy: you can ride a bike, take part in watersports, or just take walks in the park. When winter rolls around, though, it becomes more difficult to find the daylight hours, as well as the thermal gear, needed to exercise outside. 

As an employer, you can help your team to stay active during the winter through perks like discounted gym memberships, fitness class passes and activity trackers. You could even form clubs to work out together or compete for the week’s highest step count. 


Warming drinks

On a cold winter’s day, there’s nothing to warm a person up like a good cup of steaming hot coffee. Those cappuccinos can add up though: did you know that the average Brit spends over £300 a year on takeaway coffee? 

Even a 10% discount goes a long way towards helping your employees’ paychecks stretch that little bit further without sacrificing that all-important morning treat. 


Movie Nights

In wintertime, many people get thrown off by the fact that it is dark when they get out of the office. What do you do with your evening when the day is already done? 

The answer: movie nights. There’s nothing cosier than a good date night at the cinema. Offering your employees discounted movie tickets is a great way to help make their evenings special and stimulate debate the next day at the office. 

Even better, help your teammates subscribe to an online streaming service so they can binge watch their favourite shows with a mug of hot cocoa in their PJs. This is what winter is all about. 


Health Insurance

Health insurance may not seem particularly exciting, but when flu season rolls around, your team will probably appreciate this benefit most of all. Private health insurance can help your employees to see a doctor more quickly, as well as cover the cost of expensive medications. 

Many employers don’t feel that offering health insurance is a priority: after all, everyone is covered by the NHS. While this may not be an essential benefit, it can make a huge difference when someone on your team does get sick, so it is certainly one to consider. 


Winter Breaks

At some point, the wind, rain and lack of sunlight can all become a bit too much. Whether it’s a weekend city break in Italy or a 2 week Carribbean cruise that your employees are eyeing, they will always appreciate a little help making that dream holiday a reality

There are many ways that you can contribute a little something to make your teammates’ holidays special. Access to a travel concierge can help your employees coordinate the details of their trip, while discounts on hotels, flights and car hires are all fantastic workplace perks that are sure to come in handy if they find their holiday budget is stretched a little thin. 


Holiday Shopping Discounts

Speaking of budgets being stretched thin, the holiday season can get very expensive. Between presents for extended family, lavish Christmas dinners and New Year’s Eve celebrations, many people’s bank accounts are wiped clean by the time January rolls around.

This is where all those shopping discounts included on your employee benefits plan come in useful. Whether your teammates are buying their loved ones an engagement ring or the latest iPhone model, your employee benefits plan can help soften the blow. 

If you’d like to offer your employees all these benefits and more, Staff Treats can help! Our employee benefits platform is specifically designed with small to medium businesses in mind, allowing you to give your employees access to over 3,000 offers and discounts, starting from just £4 per team member. 

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