The 10 Best Employee Wellbeing Tools, Gadgets for Work-from-Home Staff

Sally Hetherington   12 May, 2021
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During the last year with the unexpected pandemic, many companies were forced to make adjustments for their employees. Moving to a work-from-home environment came with its own set of challenges. These included making sure that staff were kitted out with the necessary remote tools, balancing the work-home life, and ensuring that employee wellbeing didn’t take a downward turn.

One positive however is that we realised that what we thought might be impossible, was, in fact, a completely viable option. As such, as our lives go somewhat back to normal after numerous lock-downs, many companies have opted to continue offering remote work as an option for their employees. This could be due in part to the uncertainty of further future lockdowns, for financial reasons, or because it’s now become what employees prefer.

However working from home does come with its own unique set of challenges, one of the biggest being maintaining a healthy, well managed work-life balance to ensure that productivity and performance don’t suffer. To help employers and managers take care of their employees better, we have outlined our top 10 favourite tools and gadgets for your team, in order to maintain optimal physical and mental health. 

Don’t Feel the Pinch

Working from home always comes with the risk that you spend more hours than usual at your desk - even those round table discussions and coffee catch-ups are now from behind a screen. As such your neck and shoulders will feel the pinch, so consider an Aliex electric massage pillow, available from Amazon

This simple yet efficient portable shiatsu muscle massager will help you with lower back pain relief as well as with upper back, shoulder and neck pain. It also offers an infrared heat function to stimulate blood circulation and drain away fatigue - ideal for workers from home. 

This little ergonomically designed pillow is made from high-quality materials with a silent pure copper core motor, with both flattened massage heads and 4 heated deep-kneading rotating nodes to deliver smooth pressure to alleviate knots and muscle tension.

neck massager -2

Monitor Your Health 

The nifty little Oura ring combines advanced sensor technology with an easy-to-use mobile app to deliver precise, personalised health insights straight from the most reliable source: your body. Wearing this ring allows Oura to help you realise your potential, day and night, by scoring readiness, sleep and activity. 

During the day it measures your activity levels, calories burnt, steps, inactive times and naps, while at night it measures your resting heart rate, respiratory rate, heart rate variability, body temperature, movement, sleep patterns and quality of sleep.

Investing in the Oura ring could go a long way for employers to monitor their employee wellbeing, making sure that they have a healthy balance between deskwork, movement and rest. 

oura ring-4

Mobile Work Space

Your work-from-home employees may very well be working on average an extra two hours a day, what with the lines between work and home life now being slightly blurred. As such they may be suffering from poor posture and home distractions, or perhaps they just don't have a decent space to work from and are moving between the bed and the couch. 

Consider investing in Remotable for your staff - a nifty little mobile desk, which is fully height adjustable for sitting or standing, helping your employees maintain good posture to avoid neck and back pain.

Being comfortable and pain free creates better energy and mood, improving mental and physical health. The desk is also lightweight, enabling one to move it between rooms to avoid home-life distractions, allowing for a ‘coffee shop effect’ for better focus, productivity and creativity. Remotable is currently crowdfunded so please be patient in awaiting delivery.


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Stay Hydrated

It’s easy to forget to look after your hydration needs while working from home, and even a slight dip in hydration can lead to poor concentration and decreased productivity. And when we’re on the move it’s all too easy to reach for that funky, overused plastic bottle - risking our health and adding to the plastic problem in the process.

Help your work-from-home employees to make a healthy and environmentally friendly choice with a Livelarq self-cleaning bottle - the world’s first portable digital purification system. The Livelarq bottle uses its patented UV-C LED technology to remove 99.99 % of bacteria and viruses, without using chemicals or filters.

The LiveLarq bottle comes in two convenient sizes, as well as a soon-to-be-launched pitcher, to ensure that your employees always have cold, clean water at hand, to stay hydrated and focused on the task at hand.

larq drink-2

Take a Mental Break

Working from home during a pandemic does come with the challenge of separating work from home life, and it is particularly difficult for your employees to switch off at the end of the day, without the daily commute being the distinct line between leaving work and going home.

Encourage your employees to take care of their mental health by purchasing them a Core Meditation Trainer with natural wood and ECG sensors, as well as vibrations and lights to guide you. When paired with its companion app, the Core Meditation Trainer offers different relaxation options, including guided meditations for calm or focus, and different sounds and music to help with breathing techniques and energy.

Adding a meditation tool to your employee wellbeing will enhance positive mental health and therefore improve the employee experience for work-from-home staff.



Turn Back the Clock

Working from home means many more hours in front of a screen - with even meetings happening on Teams or Zoom these days. Fatigue and stress weigh heavily on the delicate skin around your eyes, where the first signs of ageing are most evident. 

Show your employees that you care not only about their physical wellbeing but also about their self esteem, by offering them a Foreo IRIS eye massager, which uses alternating T-Sonic technology to diminish the appearance of dark circles and bags under the eyes, as well as those ageing fine lines.

Users say it’s like a mini-spa in one simple device, and looking after your skin goes a long way to feeling good about yourself and thereby improving mental health. Let your employees step out of the pandemic looking like they’ve had a holiday even when you know they haven’t! 


Get Some Shut Eye

Studies have shown that too much time in front of a screen can lead to a poor night's sleep, often leading to episodes of insomnia. Unfortunately with many people having no alternative but to work from home, increased screen time is inevitable. 

Make sure you don’t have tired, unproductive and irritable employees by adding the Sombox Sleep Robot smart pillow to your employee wellbeing toolkit. This drug-free, patented sleep solution uses continuous and precise breathing simulation to quiet the racing mind, assisting your employees towards the deep, restorative sleep that they all need.


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Keep it Clean

Our mobile phones go everywhere with us. We use them to navigate, to communicate, to pay, and often to create a hotspot to other devices - we all sometimes need a change in scenery and might want to take our Remotable with us to a local coffee shop to catch up on our emails. 

As such, not only will your mobile phone need more regular charging, but it will also be exposed to bacteria and viruses, and we don’t all keep phone friendly sanitiser on hand. 

Protect your employees with an Oblio wireless charging station, which not only charges your phone in 3 hours, but its built-in UV sanitiser with advanced anti-bacterial UV light and ionizer technology eliminates 99.9% of all screen and surface germs in 20 minutes!


And Breath…

Many of your work-from-home employees may be sharing the space with other people - their partner, kids or flatmates. It’s not always warm enough to have all the windows open, and the air quality could be compromised by cooking, smoking, dust or pets, causing headaches and lethargy.

A Blue Pure 411 air purifier eliminates this problem, with its three-part filtration, including a fabric pre-filter for larger particles and the combo particle-carbon filter to eliminate odours, and the main particle filter removing finer airborne particles. 

Investing in improved air quality for small rooms in a home or flat will help your employees to be more alert and therefore more productive.


Upgrade Your Work Station

One difficulty with working from home is the lack of space. Your employees may not have the luxury of a separate office and could be using the dining room table, shared with the kids’ homework and that incomplete lock-down puzzle. 

Help these employees by upgrading their workstations with a modular work-from-home kit from EDGE. The full kit includes a phone mount to always have valuable information insight, a wireless charger to ensure your phone never runs out of battery, and a light for improved visuals on Zoom calls - all easily attached to your laptop screen. 

Make sure your team never misses important messages or emails, helping them to improve workflow and productively from home. EDGE is currently crowdfunded so please be patient in awaiting delivery.


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These are just some of our favourites to get you starting in improving employee wellbeing for your work-from-home staff. Consider also treating them with rewards and discounts from Staff Treats. Book a demo to find out more.

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