The Top 8 Craziest Employee Perks On Offer

Stephanie   3 October, 2019
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When you think of your ideal employee perks, you may think of flexible working hours, working from home or maybe a generous number of vacation dates per year. Some companies, however, are thinking out of the box about employee benefits, some of which may raise an eyebrow. 

So, when you are sitting in your interview, ready to ask about the perks you’ll receive if you join the team, be prepared that they may not be what you expect. Here is our list of some of the coolest and craziest work perks that companies actually offer.

The Top Craziest Employee Perks


1. Egg freezing

A very controversial offer indeed, but yes, Apple and Facebook both include egg freezing for women in their employee benefits. Both firms offer to pay up to $20,000 for their US workforce to freeze their eggs. This benefit may seem strange, but it can make a world of difference to women who want to build families without jeopardising their careers. 

Critics argue, however, that this benefit is a sneaky move on the part of these companies, encouraging women to put building a family on the back burner in favour of work. You decide how you feel about this one. 


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2. Onsite fitness classes

If you’re a fan of productive procrastination, or perhaps just can’t find the time to go to the gym after work, AOL just might be the workplace for you. AOL offers onsite fitness classes so you can get fit during the workday, staying balanced and healthy. 

Tired after your workout? Don’t worry, AOL also has nap rooms available. If fitness isn’t your thing, AOL’s regular lip-sync battles may be enough to tempt you to consider them as your next employer.


3. Money for remote working

Most of us want to opportunity to work from home, at least on occasion. In the UK, it is estimated that around four million people want to work from home full-time; however, only 1.6 million people currently do. 

If you work for Student Loan Hero, then you will not only have the opportunity to work remotely, but the company will actually give you money to do so. This includes $2000 for technology and $500 a month for a co-working or office space.


4. Childcare

For the team at Patagonia, having a child-minder off sick or a no-school day is no longer an excuse not to go to work. At Patagonia, parents receive free onsite childcare. There is a nursing centre for newborns and teachers who focus on childhood development. Many teach languages, and kids enjoy lots of outdoor play, lunchtime with their parents and even a secret garden.

This perk has had an amazing effect of employee retention: every single woman who has gone on maternity leave at Patagonia has returned to the company afterwards. By comparison, on average only 79% of women return to work after having children.


5. Car servicing

Owning a car is expensive: besides the day-to-day costs of gas, you also have to worry about the costs of servicing whenever something goes wrong. 

If you work for Adobe, this isn’t something you have to worry about: vehicle maintenance and servicing is included in their employee perks. Employees without cars can take advantage of 

Adobe’s other benefits, including free haircuts and regular TGIF events featuring free food and drink. 


6. Clothing Allowances

Many of us don’t need an excuse to shop, but our salaries hold us back. Not an excuse if you work for Umpqua Bank who provide their loyal staff with a clothing advance of up to $500. They follow the principle that if you want your team to look good, you should be willing to help them.

Umpqua aren’t the only ones: software engineering company 2HB Incorporated provide their team members with a $50 monthly beauty budget. This can be spent on manicures, pedicures and haircuts.


7. Wine and beer

While alcohol is usually frowned upon at work, some businesses actively encourage it. At MillerCoors, there are onsite pubs which offer thirteen different varieties of beer for free. In fact, it is encouraged for staff to take new team members out for a tipple or two.


8. Errand running

When you’re busy at work, you just don’t have time to do the chores on your list. Fortunately, several companies that offer an errand-running service as an employee perk. Weebly provides staff with $50 credit for an errand-running company. Similarly, S C Johnson gives employees access to a full concierge service.


Don’t know what perks you should offer? 

Every employee is different, and meeting everyone’s needs is near impossible. With an employee benefit scheme like Staff Treats, your employees can pick and choose the benefits they want to receive: from fashion to technology to food and drink. Book a demo  with one of our customer engagement specialists to find out how we can help you.

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