5 Employee Benefits you Need for Your eCommerce Business

Sally Hetherington   24 March, 2021
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1995 was the year that saw the launch of an online bookstore out of the garage of a former wall street hedge fund exec - a small eCommerce business called Amazon. And so started the trend of the digital buying and selling of goods - an industry now worth over USD 9 trillion. 

A 2019 Cranberry Panda survey of eCommerce businesses showed that 89% of respondents believe that employee benefits improve company culture, with more than half preferring a mix of both monetary and non-monetary benefits. Here are five employee benefits you need for your eCommerce business to attract and retain top talent.

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1. Value-Added Wellness Benefits

After a quick scan through the top perks offered by well-known eCommerce businesses, including Amazon, eBay, Apple and Adidas, one perk that came up frequently was wellness benefits. Perks included not only medical but also mental health benefits offering virtual or on site counselling, which is particularly relevant during Covid times.

On site wellness centres with access to dieticians, nurses, physiotherapists, back rehab specialists and acupuncturists also encourage a holistic approach to health, benefiting both the physical and mental health of your employees.

Consider adding to your employee benefits sports and health facilities like yoga, guided meditation, climbing walls, team sports, on site gyms and personal trainers. A fitness and wellness expense account is also an option should your premises not allow for on-site facilities.

2. On Site Food Benefits

Food plays a big part in our daily lives, with many employees taking sometimes two meals a day at the workplace. On site restaurants and cafes take the stress out of daily food planning, while also saving time and money in not going out in search of sustenance.

Juice bars and catered meals also encourage healthy eating, whilst giving your employees an opportunity to leave their desks, stretch their legs and socialise. Consider also offering easy access to healthy snacks to improve productivity and increase happiness. 

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Amazon offers a breakfast and juice bar on Mondays only, incentivising their staff to start their week on a positive, whilst a ‘Happy Hour Friday’ is also a great way to encourage your employees to stay on site on Friday afternoons, offering time to bond and catch up on a social level.

If you don’t have the space for a canteen, partner with an employee discounts platform to offer your employees discounts on meal deliveries, protein shakes and meal-replacements. 

3. Advanced Child and Family Benefits

Child care benefits need not be restricted to medical and dental. Working for an eCommerce business can mean long hours and time away from your families. Instituting a 16-week maternity and paternity benefit is a start, but what about when it’s time to come back to work? 

Many of the bigger names have introduced not only nursery and day-care facilities or parent/child offices, but also nursing rooms, holiday camps, paid family responsibility leave, assistance with well-child exams and immunisations, as well as fertility benefits to help get your family started. 

Finally don’t forget the furry members of the family by offering not only pet insurance benefits but also considering allowing well-socialised pets in the workplace to improve employee wellbeing.

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4. Growth and Development Benefits

Your employees don't want to feel that they are stagnating in their roles with no place to grow. For this reason a tuition benefit is a great employee benefit for your eCommerce business, as it encourages your employees to develop their skills in areas that would help them secure their futures at your company.

Amazon for example offers a Career Choice Program where they pre-pay 95% of tuition and fees for employees to earn certificates and associated degrees in what they call high-wage, in-demand occupations like aircraft mechanics, nursing or medical lab technologies. 

Growth and development employee benefits need not be limited to higher education but could include ongoing workshops in diversity, resilience and digital mental health.

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5. Beyond Annual Leave Benefits

Legally all employees are entitled to annual leave, and most companies offer attractive maternity and paternity benefits. But in order to move with the times and secure top talent, your eCommerce business should be going above these expectations.

With work life balance being at the fore during Covid times, many companies are offering alternative forms of leave, allowing their employees to work on their own terms, taking more than their annual leave, as long as they are showing results. 

Companies are also recognising that pushing too hard can result in burn-out, and rather than having valuable employees resign, they are acknowledging that sabbaticals are the way forward. This encourages long-term loyalty to a company whist offering time for not only extended rest but also personal pursuits, such as travel, writing or studying. 

Having exciting modern employee benefits are valuable assets for your eCommerce business, in order to attract and retain the talent you need for an ever improving bottom line. Book a demo with Staff Treats for a further array of perks and rewards to incentivise your staff.

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