4 Essential Employee Benefits for Any Online Clothing Business

Sally Hetherington   31 March, 2021
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Statistics show that around one-fifth of sales in the UK retail industry is done online, and in 2020 alone more than half of the UK’s population purchased clothing, shoes and accessories online, making it the highest ranked online sector for 2020. 

Being in the online clothing business is currently an attractive and potentially lucrative prospect, and in order to attract and retain top talent, you need to offer employee benefits that go beyond the usual dental and medical. Here are some ideas to get you started.

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1. Remote Office Benefits

During the past year, we have learnt how easy it is to move the office to the home. Your online clothing business lends itself to remote working, as your employees can do everything they need to do from home, be it monitoring and ordering stock, managing social media or dealing with customer queries.

Adding a remote option to your employee benefits need not be a full-time expectation, but allowing your staff the flexibility of a hybrid of home and office adds to a positive employee experience and therefore better retention. A remote office benefit could also include assistance with the remote office set-up, for example, ergonomic furniture, wifi, electronics and digital tools.

2. Parent Support Benefits

Show your staff that you understand that being a parent and an employee requires balance with benefits that support parents. Online clothing business Asos has got this one waxed, by offering 4 funded emergency care sessions a year, 24/7 access to experts for advice, online parenting resources, regular webinars and parental coaching.  

Allowing parents the option of working remotely on occasion (for example when their child is sick) also gives them the peace of mind that they can still be productive whilst being available for their loved ones. 

Partnering with an employee perks platform such as Staff Treats also gives parents access to discounts on parenting courses, toys, groceries and even meal delivery services.

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3. Telemedicine Benefits

Telemedicine is the use of technology to access medical professionals and goes above and beyond your usual medical and dental benefits. With telemedicine your employees are able to access health professionals to assist with evaluating, diagnosing and treatments of any medical conditions remotely. 

This is particularly relevant and necessary in today’s times, so while many of your employees are working from home they can still get the advice and assistance needed for everyday medical concerns without the risks associated with visiting a doctor or clinic. This could include digital mental health training to ensure that your employee’s mental health is also being taken into account.

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Telemedicine also saves time in that your employees are able to consult with medical professionals electronically, at home, without having to commute.

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4. Beyond Discounts and Allowances

Let’s be honest, one of the major perks of working for an online clothing business is employee discounts! This need not be only a predetermined discount on stock or early access to sales or new items not yet in store, but could also include an annual clothing allowance to keep your employees up to date with current trends. 

Global consumer brand URBN (think Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie) has taken this even further, offering employee discounts across all their retail brands and restaurants, as well as perks for significant others and family members - extending their brand reach and retention benefits further.

Offering your employees easy and affordable access to your products not only increases employee loyalty but also in essence creates walking advertisements for your brand!

These are just a few ideas of employee benefits for your online clothing business. Staff Treats also offers your employees discounts on online ordering, including electronics, medicines, groceries, gifting and homeware. Book a demo to find out more.

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