5 Tools Every Startup Needs to Build a Company Culture

Sally Hetherington   4 February, 2021
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Company culture can be defined as your company’s unique set of shared goals, attitudes and practices. It is integral for any company to work on positive company culture to attract and retain good talent. However, many startups may not see the need to spend money on company culture, as they find it difficult to measure the return on this investment. 

Adopting a company culture right from the start is important as it provides a foundation to build on when the team grows. 

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We have rounded up our five favourite apps to get you started on your company culture journey.

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1. Communication

Slack’s tagline is “where work happens” - and this is an accurate description of all this app has to offer. Once signed up, team members can create and join different channels so that members from your own company or outside it can collaborate on different projects only relevant to them. Slack also allows the ability to tag, share files and connect on voice or video call. 

There are also more than 2200 apps that can integrate into the Slack system, including the Google suite, Office 365, Dropbox, Zoom, and Trello. Slack offers a mobile version for on the go real-time communication so that every member always knows what’s going on and feels part of the team.

Great for promoting employee digital wellbeing, Slack integrates with Google Calendar so that you don’t receive any notifications when you’re away or when you’re in a meeting. Employees can also set their working hours so they won’t receive notifications after hours or on weekends.

2. Employee Engagement

15Five encourages employees and management to stay engaged and connected. The concept is as simple as the name - employees spend fifteen minutes a day sharing their opinions, which management takes five minutes to read. 

The platform offers three evidence-based survey templates with the choice of over 120 questions to choose from, allowing you to tailor your surveys according to your needs, and results are quickly consolidated for ease of reference. Managers can easily identify problem areas through detailed reporting and insights, and start working with employees on solutions. 

The app also offers weekly check-ins so that you can monitor how your employees are feeling and work quickly to offer support where necessary.


3. Productivity

Trello is a workflow tool that allows teams to collaborate on multiple projects at the same time. Teams can create different boards and then add job cards with different tasks within those boards, assigning tasks to different members with due dates and checklists, and the ability to move tasks between boards. 

You can see all the information at a glance, and built-in automation boosts productivity by automatically removing mundane tasks with rule-based triggers, custom cards, and board buttons, and calendar and due date commands. 

4. Goal Gamification

Habitica is a free tool to encourage good habits that treats your real life like a game. It offers in-game rewards (and punishments!) to motivate you to stick to your good habits and ditch the bad ones, through repetition and schedules. Habitica offers three task types to get you started: dailies, habits, and to-do lists and you get rewarded for checking them off. 

Habit categories include business, for example, sorting your filing or completing a document, health, for example, drink more water and exercise, or even personal improvement, such as do a good deed or learn something new. 

The fun starts when you challenge others to join in your quests to improve your habits or better yet join a party for even more accountability. Habitica aims to help you achieve your goals and become healthy, hard-working and happy.

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5. Wellness

When considering your company culture it’s important to remember the physical and mental wellbeing of your staff, and we know that exercise is good for not only the body, but also the mind. The Amplify Fitness Zone is the perfect platform for virtual fitness, health and wellbeing, offering both life streaming and pre recorded classes at home with training from world class fitness experts, celebrity trainers and yoga teachers. It is a perfect tool for a regular work-from-home lunchtime team building session, so not only will you encourage your employees to look after themselves, but you will be building company culture, even from home. Amplify Fitness Zone is offering Staff Treats members 25% off all online memberships - click here to take advantage.

A healthy attitude and relaxed mind can go a long way to building a company culture that instills not only hard work but also good mental health, particularly in these stressful and somewhat uncertain times. 

These are just a few tools for any startup to consider in their quest for a company culture that aims for good employee health, focus, and productivity. 

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