Employee motivation: 5 ways to keep the team motivated

Talya Zwiers   27 September, 2018
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Do employees who always want to go above and beyond on a daily basis in the workplace really exist? Is it possible to have an entire workforce of these Rockstar employees, or is it just luck of the draw when building, growing and maintaining a team? It all comes down to employee motivation and how to build and foster it in today’s ever changing and diverse workforce.

Motivation is an internal drive that causes an individual to decide to take action. There are so many factors which can influence motivation on a daily basis including emotional, social, physical and intellectual factors. Some factors seem easier to control and manipulate and these are what companies should be focusing on in order to lift the motivation amongst teams. Focus on bringing out the best in your teams, on treating people with respect, on ensuring there is opportunity to develop and grow.

Motivation differs from person to person, as well as differs depending on how one is feeling. Thus there is a fine balance companies need to strike in order to gain maximum drive. Here are five ways to boost motivation:

1. Frequent employee recognition
Recognising employees for a job well done and going the extra mile always motivates people and encourages them to do more. Employee recognition often has a domino effect especially when colleagues are rewarded publicly in front of the team with great financial / non- financial rewards. Encourage peer-peer recognition, where team members can nominate each other for hard work, as it is they who see the day to day workings of the team. When employees feel like they being acknowledged and their efforts are being noticed, people are more motivated and hence, inclined to work harder.

2. Offering employee benefits and perks
Showing your employees you want to go above and beyond just paying them a salary is one way to motivate them. By offering employee perks and discounts that can help an individual with everyday savings – such as grocery discounts, discounted cinema and attraction tickets, access to sold out tickets, travel discounts and more, shows you as an organisation care far beyond just work, work, work. This is a massive motivator as it encourages employees to enjoy life outside of the workplace far more, which is turn makes individuals happier, healthier and less stressed.

3. Communication and stability
People are motivated when they have security and stability – they do not fear what’s to come. When an employee knows they have permanency and there is opportunity for growth and expansion in ones work, the more likely one is to stay put, work hard and go from strength to strength. This is automatic motivation as one knows there is room for progress. Encourage two-way, open and regular communication across departments and across levels. This will motivate employees to be open about their concerns and ongoing issues, as well as is a great forum for incentive building, seeing what works and doesn’t work for particular teams.

4. Treating the team with respect
No employees enter their career saying “I want to be a robot where I am micromanaged.” One of the most fundamental ways to motivate your workforce, is to show them that you trust them, their expertise and skills. Let them know that you’re confident in their capabilities and what they have to offer (as this is why you hired them, right?). Let them work autonomously and do not stand over their shoulders babysitting them. Employees appreciate this flexibility and freedom and feel a sense of ownership, which in turn motivates them and their output. Motivated employees are the best employees as they drive forward with unparalleled passion.

5. Work – life balance
A work-life balance where employees are granted enough autonomy and flexibility is one way to motivate teams, especially the younger employees today. Employees like to be trusted that they will all their work done in time. This is the way they prefer to be treated, instead of ensuring they clock in and clock out at 9-5. Feeling the extra pressure work over hours and be on call 24 /7 can create tension and an environment of animosity which demotivates teams and causes a lot of extra stress. Give your employees the freedom (within reason) to have the healthy balance, and this will, in turn, create a healthier way of life, which will impact satisfaction, productivity and morale.

Motivate before it’s too late! In order to avoid the brain and skill drain which many companies are facing today, try nurturing and keeping your teams engaged and wanting to come to work as it’s an environment where they’re happy to be in, where they feel encouraged and there is space to grow and develop.

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