3 Employee Recognition Strategies to Retain Construction Professionals

Chris Woodard   25 September, 2020
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Many construction companies have a hard time retaining their trained workers and don’t seem to know the reason behind this. However, one thing common to these companies is that their business policies lack adequate employee recognition strategies. 

While many employers think that money is enough to keep their employees, a 2018 study by Assistant Professor Ashley V. Whillans at Harvard Business School proved that this is not always true. Employees want to feel appreciated, useful, and valued. Without an environment where they can feel this way, they would opt out in search of a workplace that provides one. 

You would agree that it’s in your company’s best interest to retain its construction professionals. Having to recruit and train new employees now and again can be tiring and is not profitable for your business. What’s more, it can easily be avoided! The key to retaining workers lies in employee recognition. Here are some qualities your company should possess to achieve this feat. 

1. Good Employer-Employee Relationship

Building a good relationship with your employees is a strategy with which your company’s culture should be shaped. A general misconception about this is that it would make you lose the respect of your employees when, in  fact, it makes you gain it. Employees have been known to turn down better job offers simply because of the kind of relationship they have with their employer. 

Without a doubt, the success of any relationship depends on communication. A vital means by which you can enhance employee recognition is by relating cordially with them and calling for their opinions on matters. Conduct interactive sessions with your employees and obtain feedback from them concerning the company.

Not only do your employees need to have a good relationship with you, but it is also important for them to have the same with other employees. They would feel more comfortable at work being surrounded by not just co-workers, but also people they can freely interact with. Encourage teamwork among them often. 

Also, employ the use of adequate communication technology and software so that distance won’t be a barrier, as in the case of communication between employees at the office and those at the construction site.

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2. Active Employee Career Development 

Another strategy that fosters employee recognition is being actively involved in developing their career. Not only does this make them better professionals, but it also brings about better performance in your company. 

Showing genuine interest in the career and wellbeing of your employees will greatly boost your chances of retaining them. You have a better chance of gaining their trust and loyalty when you add more value to their personal wellbeing and their professional development.

Companies that have large turnovers continuously need to fill vacant positions. This is because they don’t make provisions for skill acquisition and career development for their employees. These employees realise they are not progressing in their careers and seek a change in place of work. This happens across departments, from staff who manage accounting and file preliminary notices to field personnel in job sites. They are replaced, only for the new employees to make the same decisions when they get to that stage, and the cycle continues. 

Instead of having your employees leave to further their careers elsewhere, why not present them with the opportunity while they work for you? You can sponsor them to acquire more professional skills and certifications. 

You can also conduct seminars and drills concerning their fields, and have the more experienced workers train the new ones. This strategy will go a long way to provide your employees with the opportunity of having career-long mentorship.

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3. Provision of Incentives and Rewards 

By lighting up your employees’ work experience with incentives and rewards, they will have emotional stories to tell by the time they are to retire. Employee recognition is incomplete without your company recognising their efforts and rewarding them accordingly. 

All employees would love to be in places where they are considered to be important. Let your employees know that their opinions matter and that they are not taken for granted in any way.

When providing incentives to your employees, note that timing is key. You should reward the right attitude to work, as well as efficiency and innovation. A pay raise is definitely what every worker looks forward to, but there are also other ways to make your workers feel valued. Reward your workers based on your company’s core values, and watch their loyalty to you and your business soar!

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The importance of employee recognition in retaining your construction professionals cannot be overemphasised. Companies usually make the wrong cut in trying to solve this problem by just recruiting and training new employees. However, in addition to the extra expenses, there is no guarantee that the new employees will stay for a longer period. 

Thus, to completely solve the problem of frequent turnovers, you need to address it from the roots. Set up your company’s culture in an appealing way by ensuring good relationships, career development opportunities, and rewarding employees for their efforts. By doing these things, you are sure to have all your construction professionals stay in your company until their retirement.

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Chris Woodard

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