Employee reward and recognition at Christmas

Talya Zwiers   25 October, 2018
Employee Engagement

‘Tis the season to be jolly! With Christmas being the season of goodwill and giving, there’s no better time to acknowledge the hard work and efforts of your team and reward them accordingly. Plus ending the year on a high can only be a catalyst for starting the new year with a bang of motivation. Spread the seasonal cheer in the office with bulked up employee engagement, get everyone involved, even the office Grinch, and wrap up the end of the year positively. Take this chance to make your team feel respected as it build an employee culture that will foster greater working relationships, increase productivity and morale.

Despite the expression, cash is king, a lot of people don’t view cash as the best gift for Christmas, as it somehow gets watered down and dissolved into the December salary pot after taxes and it is not always seen an expression for personal contributions, but rather the done token at the end of the year. Employees want to be seen as having a purpose in the overall running of the business and that their contributions are worthwhile and necessary. If the time is taken to show the importance of reward and recognition, this can mirror the values of the company and a holistic brand building exercise can be done at the same time – score! When employees are content, they want to work harder and are motivated to do more… so taking time to think about Christmas reward can only help for what’s to come.

Diversify with purpose
Most organisations are made up of culturally diverse teams who are multi-generational and whose likes, wants and priorities are so varied that one standard reward may not talk to everyone. This could backfire negatively, besides being a waste of money, as it shows that no time has been taken to really see what will be a motivator, what teams want and will really appreciate. If Christmas reward is done right with an ear to the ground, it can give the organisation a huge competitive edge as an engaged and motivated employee culture speaks more than a million (unspoken) words.

Think out the box
Don’t go for the tried and tested Christmas reward like last year and the year before. Take time to plan the reward process – consider if you’re going to manage the whole process in house or get an agency to handle it? Are you going to have a public recognition giving at the Christmas dinner, or do it team by team? You don’t want to be seen as just going through the motions because you obligated to.

Spend smart, not big
Spending the big bucks isn’t always necessary, however giving something personal and of value to an employee is often seem as more valuable and thoughtful. Thinking on an individual basis with a personalised message will go a lot further, than bulk-bought corporate merchandise.

Give choice with digital rewards
Gone are the days when employees want a branded gift, a hamper or a bottle of wine to say thanks. Why not give the gift a choice and let your team select from a host of online rewards, something that they want? Memorable and flexible benefits can and will motivate employees. Everything from digital e-vouchers or experiences? Let them choose what, when and how. Put the power in your teams hand and give them the power and autonomy to choose. Add a personalised thank you note with your digital delivery and voilà!

Don’t stop in December
December is typically full of cheer with extra beer trolleys and team lunches, earlier days and people winding down mentally. Then January hits, a month with meek bank accounts where everyone is back from their holidays commiserating and trying to do ‘dry January.’ Plan a January reward programme and motivate your team to hit targets, improve performance and get the year started on the right foot. Spread the reward budget over the two months and greater results may be yielded.

Staff Treats understands the importance and need to reward and recognise teams. To us, employee engagement is key and employee happiness is unparalleled. If you’d like to speak to one of our Engagement specialists how we can help your business, simply get in touch.

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