Five employee perks that are better than a ping-pong table

John Stevens   21 December, 2017
Employee Perks

Having an office ping-pong table has become something of a start-up cliché. Alongside the basketball hoop and free beer on tap (or is it prosecco these days??) they have come to represent the carefree, creative, fun-loving approach that many start-ups (and their largely millennial workforce) want to convey. They've even been called the "quintessential office perk".

Yet there's evidence to suggest that millennials place less importance on working somewhere fun and quirky than they do on having opportunities to grow and learn, as well as a job that supports their general well-being. With this in mind, here are 5 employee perks that we think are much better (and less clichéd) than a ping-pong table. 

Learning and development opportunities

For millennials who want to learn and grow, offering learning and development opportunities is a good place to start. Not only does it support their personal aspirations and contribute to your team’s collective skill set, but it’s also a great way of supporting their long-term engagement in your business. This needn’t be directly related to their role. Offering, say, a marketing executive an online course in basic coding may satisfy their personal curiosity in technology and also provide your team with a new and unique skill set.

Tickets to sold-out events

Concierge services (providing a dedicated team to assist employees with booking anything from sold-out events to the latest travel deals) used to be the preserve of high-flying city execs, but are increasingly being offered as an employee benefit by companies across the board. Experiences are much more memorable than cash and what’s better than giving your team something money can’t buy?  

An in-house chiropractor

We worked with one client who offered a discounted onsite chiropractor as part of their voluntary benefits package. For their desk-based team this was a popular perk that, in addition to dealing with any aches and pains gave them 30 mins during the working day to relax and reflect. Apparently UK millennials have some of the poorest mental well-being in the world, with only Japan falling below when it comes to stress and anxiety, so anything that deals with this is likely to be popular. Similar employee perks include office yoga, meditation and even lunchtime fitness sessions.

Flexible working

Giving your staff the opportunity to work flexible hours, or from home, is quick and easy to implement and becoming increasingly popular. Moreover, research from Cass Business School and Cranfield School of Management has suggested that homeworkers and partial homeworkers are happier, more engaged and more likely to work in excess of their contracted hours. You can’t argue with that!

Money off their favourite brands

Employee perks shouldn’t just be about money, but there’s no doubt that giving your staff discounts on their favourite brands (through an employee discount portal such as Staff Treats) will be greatly valued. You can tailor the discounts you offer directly to the needs and wants of your team - from everyday essentials, to luxury brands, to lifestyle offers. With inflation at a five-year high, this is a great way of making their salaries go further.

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