Five Employee Perks to help you grow a Happy Workforce

John Stevens   18 October, 2017
Employee Perks

Keeping your staff happy and motivated is about much more than just salary and career progression. It’s about showing them you care, that you understand they have a life outside of work and that you’re willing to go the extra mile to demonstrate this.
Yet employee perks are ignored by many Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), often because they assume they won’t have the resources. The good news is that it’s cheaper, quicker and easier than ever before for small businesses to offer a range of employee perks that can make a meaningful difference to staff (and their engagement at work).

Here are five examples of quick, easy and great value perks that you could offer your team today that will almost definitely put a smile on their faces!

1. Money off the weekly shop

In our experience, one of the things teams value most is help with their weekly shop. This is where you can really make their salaries go further. Deals on offer with all of the major supermarkets can give staff hundreds of pounds worth of discounts that can be redeemed in a number of ways, from e-vouchers to cashback or promotional codes.

2. Offer access to sold out events

Perhaps our most popular perk is the ticket concierge service, offering access to sold out events, via exclusive ticketing deals. Our relationships with all of the major ticketing vendors (and the fact that we represent over three million end users!) means that we can offer employers access to events that have already sold out. Whether you’re an Adele or an Arctic Monkeys fan, we all know what it feels like to miss out on your favourite band’s show. At Staff Treats we’ve even loaded all available seats onto our platform so users can access these deals with ease.

3. Help with the holidays

Airbnb generated a load of press coverage last year when they announced that they would be giving employees $2,000 each year to spend on staying in Airbnb properties, anywhere in the world. How can you match that? I hear you ask. Well, easier than you would expect.

Holiday, hotel and flight discounts should be included in any basic employee discounts scheme and can include anything from flights, to package holidays and even activities once you have arrived. These can be time-sensitive and complicated to redeem, however, by offering a telephone travel concierge service you can take the hassle out of this process by allowing our representatives to do the work!

4. Treat them to some pampering

Wellness is something of a buzzword amongst employee engagement professionals and it’s all about employers doing their best to support the physical and mental wellbeing of their team. It keeps them happy, healthy and engaged. Silicon Valley has been in on the game for some time – remember when Google employed a happiness guru? – and there are some simple things you can offer your team to support their wellness. Think discounts on yoga retreats, personal training and the like. We’ve even worked with one client who organised an on-site chiropractor for their staff as part of their employee perks programme.

5. Help them benefit others

What use are all these perks if there is no one to share them with. Companies need to be able to think further than just the employee, but also their immediate circle of friends and family around them. That is why it is also important to offer lifestyle benefits they can share, such as reduced-price cinema tickets and restaurant vouchers as well as a range of discounted gift certificates and voucher codes. Not only does this give each employee something to share but also enables them to save at the same time.

With the Staff Treats platform you can provide all these employee perks to your staff for less than you'd think. Schedule a demo today to find out more. 

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