5 of the Best Freemiums to Engage Your Employees

Amy Roberts   29 December, 2020
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Employee engagement doesn’t always require a load of business capital to be effective. In times like these where many businesses are struggling to make ends meet and human resource budgets have been cut, it’s time to get creative with how you engage your employees. Why not capitalise on freemiums offered by many SaaS companies? 

If you’re not familiar with the term ‘freemium’ - a freemium is a free service or subscription offered by a lot of SaaS businesses whereby basic functionalities are provided free of charge while the more advanced features must be paid for. It’s a popular business model for many apps and subscription services because people are able to test out the software for free, see the value and then, having used the free version, they often sign up as paying customers. 

So what freemiums are out there for you to engage your employees?


1. Strava

A gamified exercise app, Strava allows you to track running and cycling exercises for free while sharing your progress with your followers on the app. You can link the app to most smartwatches enabling you to track your heart rate etc. 

What we love about Strava is how successfully they’ve used gamification to entice people to exercise and this is why it’s the perfect choice for employee engagement. Not to mention, because it involves exercise, it’s also going to do wonders for the overall wellbeing of your employees. 

You could set your team distance challenges, for example, walk 100km in January, the first person to reach 100km gets a prize or you could make creative use of Strava’s GPS tracking and give your team a challenge to create a picture on the map. The team member with the most creative picture wins a prize. 


2. Spotify

One for the music lovers, creating a series of Spoitfy playlists to share amongst the team while working from home is a great way to share cultures and introduce people to different styles of music. Keep in mind that everyone has different tastes. 

The aim would be to create these playlists for your employees while they work so consider making a few concentration playlists, with ambient sounds to optimise productivity, like our Focus at Work playlist

3. Zapier 

Unlike Strava and Spotify, Zapier isn’t a tool that employees would be interacting with directly, rather think of it like a helper to ease workflows. Described as an “easy automation for busy people”, Zapier moves information between web apps automatically through a series of triggers - for example, you could set up a trigger to your social posts, every time a post goes live - a notification goes out to your staff asking them to like your latest post on Facebook. 

That’s just one example that will save your social media manager a ton of time and spare them the sanity of having to do it manually. Consider how you could scale this for all the departments in your business. For example, your sales team could get triggers that notify them when new leads come in or when a new deal is won. 


4. FitBit

FitBit’s free version is so insightful for your overall health and wellbeing that you may not even realise they have a premium version. Once connected to a FitBit watch, the dashboard shows your data on step count, mindfulness, sleep, calorie burn, heart rate and for female clients it even tracks menstrual health. You can also log your calories and water intake - all for free. 

This app is a great way to encourage your team to take care of their overall health and wellbeing. Sleep and healthy eating are imperative for optimum productivity so the individual employee will benefit as will you, the employer. Why not set a challenge that awards the person who is able to meet their sleep, calorie and exercise goals every week for 4 weeks? 

The only hindrance with this freemium is that you might need to spend a bit to make it effective as your team would all need to own a FitBit to participate. The good news is that Staff Treats members get 20% off all FitBit lines including the new Charge 4. 

5. DuoLingo

Encourage your team with their skills development by setting a DuoLingo challenge for 2021. Ask everyone to download the app and select a language that they’d like to learn as a group. By the end of the year, who knows, you may be able to secure new business in Spanish or German by impressing them with your new linguistic skills.  

With Duolingo, anyone is able to learn a new language completely free of charge. A premium subscription called Duolingo Plus is available allowing users an ad-free experience with access for offline lessons. 

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