How Can Your Employee Benefits affect Your Company Culture

Talya Zwiers   20 May, 2019
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The employee benefits you offer your team are not just a reflection of your company’s culture – they also play a role in creating and maintaining it. When you put effort into integrating your benefits with your company culture, the effect on the company as a whole can be fantastic – leading to better uptake of the benefits scheme, happier employees and a more productive organization as a whole!

Here are our top tips for ensuring that your employee benefits and culture work together:

1. Go beyond due diligence
Sure, you’ve researched the benefits provider, and they tick all your boxes on the supplier side. But if you’re looking for benefits that will impact culture, remember to ask yourself these additional questions: Are these benefits aligned with our company’s mission, vision and purpose? Are these benefits our employees will actually enjoy and feel comfortable using? Will these benefits help our employees feel valued, respected and supported?

2. Think about how your Employee Benefits are integrated into Company Processes:
When employee benefits are fully integrated into company processes, they become part of company culture. Consider the following:

HR and Recruitment: Ask yourself if your benefits package sets your organisation apart to attract top talent and make you more competitive as a workplace. Are they on the cutting edge of what’s out there?

Ensure that the benefits you offer are shared with candidates throughout the recruitment process – and not just at the end when they’ve been extended an offer. Encourage hiring managers and interviewers to share personal anecdotes and experiences with your benefits offering, and ensure that your benefits are displayed prominently in job descriptions and recruiting ads – by doing this, your employee benefits offering becomes even more entwined with your company culture and brand.

New Starters Induction: Go beyond the usual leaflet stuffed behind the critical onboarding paperwork. Make your benefits package a crucial stage of the induction process and ensure new starters are aware of all the benefits available to them.

Annual Reviews: These meetings with managers and directors are a fantastic opportunity to remind employees about the benefits available to them, and remind employees that these benefits are there because of the values ascribed to them by the organisation – reinforcing the relationship between benefits and culture.

Policies: When conducting regular reviews of your organisation’s policies (sick leave, parental leave, annual leave etc), add a rubric to review whether or not these policies reinforce your benefits offering or not. The goal is to have synergy and continuity between policies and benefits to strengthen company culture.

3. It comes from the top
As with most areas of running a business, the example set by management and company directors is crucial when it comes to culture as to benefits. This means that management must go beyond simply talking about the employee benefits on offer – but really believing in how these benefits can positively affect one’s life by using them themselves and modelling to employees why they’re so great.

Employee benefits are most effective when they are genuine and reflective of the company’s values and mission. When management walk-the-walk by using and taking advantage of the benefits on offer, it reinforces company culture.

There’s a lot to consider when developing an employee benefits package that is competitive but also reflective of the organisation’s culture and goals.

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