How the World Cup can increase employee engagement

Talya Zwiers   25 June, 2018
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World Cup fever is all around and has taken over the workplace around the world. Embrace it and boost the camaraderie and team spirit within your team. Instead of having your employees sneakily watching the games when nobody is looking, get involved and make it a team wide event and boost your employee engagement. Harness the enthusiasm and potential for team building which in turn may increase your employees’ job satisfaction and team morale. Here are a few ways how... 

Get in the spirit
There’s no denying the World Cup, so as an organisation, why not get involved in the festivities and the team spirit? Decorate the office with flags, let your employees dress in their team’s jerseys and do an office sweepstake. This will get everyone involved, from the interns to senior management. Sot stock up the drinks trolley and offer the team a beer at kickoff or open a tab at the local pub for a round of drinks during the after-work match.

Offer flexi-time
With some matches kicking off as early as 3pm during the week, offer your employees who usually work 9am – 5pm some leeway to catch the football action. Make a Rota ahead of the game and let your employees know when they can start earlier or leave later, within reason. Possibly do it team by team and let the marketing team watch one day, and the sales team the next. This flexibility is one way of accommodating your team, which in turn will boost their productivity and morale, instead of fostering a sense of frustration.

Show games in the office
Allowing your different departments to watch the games together is one way to build relationships and cross team connections that wouldn’t necessarily happen, ultimately employee engagement. Set up a screen in the meeting room or the lunch room, and let your team come and go as they please. Rather than curtailing your employees from watching, make a big deal of it which will boost their productivity levels. No organisation wants their employees to call ‘in sick’ or watch under their desks.

Taking it further
Let the team spirit continue even when the World Cup mania dies down. Set up a Fantasy Football league in your office as a fun way to continue the sporting fun. Another idea could be to enter a couple of teams into the local 5-aside football league every week. Have a winners wall in the office and reward your employees with £10 vouchers. This will all help fostering a work- life balance and engage your employees as it’s should not only be work, work, work. Ultimately happy employees = hard workers and this is the perfect opportunity to engage with your team! Remember, committed employees perform better and are ultimately less likely to switch jobs. This will pay in the long run…

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