Mumpreneurs: How to Balance Business, Childcare & Employee Wellbeing

Leslie Campos   27 May, 2021
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Being both an entrepreneur and a stay-at-home mum requires a great deal of time and energy. Even so, it is possible to run a successful business and develop a strong relationship with your kids. These days you don’t need to sacrifice your employee wellbeing or your own sanity.

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Consider these few tips to help you take the first steps to become a mum entrepreneur.

Choose Your Business Model Carefully

While there are benefits of having a brick-and-mortar shop, an eCommerce business provides the flexibility that many mumpreneurs require. This simply means that you conduct sales and other operations online, and according to, you can do this in a variety of ways. You can choose to set up subscriptions, wholesaling, dropshipping, and several other business models based on the types of products or services you plan to sell. These can make it easier to work from home whenever you have time, such as when your kids are napping, at school, or on a playdate.

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Reach Out for Help

Starting a business requires expertise in many distinct areas and you may need to partner with a few experienced professionals. For instance, developing a marketing strategy is essential to the success of your company, but marketing can be complex and time-consuming. Consider hiring eCommerce marketing services that can help you gain and retain customers. If you hire one or more permanent employees, be sure to think of ways you can promote employee well-being and life balance. You can also get help with caring for your kids by connecting with a babysitter or swapping childcare responsibilities with another working mum.

Stay Organized

Parents with work-from-home experience believe that keeping a detailed schedule and other records is a must when juggling several big responsibilities; otherwise, business deals may start to conflict with important family commitments. A simple way to keep track of and prioritise important events is to maintain a combined calendar. Seeing work and family duties written on the same page may help you avoid double-booking yourself. You could also try colour-coding your schedule for optimal visibility and organization. Oftentimes, it works best when you block out time for big commitments at the start of the month when you can discuss upcoming plans with your family and your coworkers.

Create a Separate Work Space

Although the layout of your house may not be ideal for setting up a home office, it's vital for your wellbeing that you have an area that is dedicated to working. This may help you to mentally separate work time from time with your kids so that you can be fully present in both situations. As you set up your desk and other materials, think about what sort of environment will help you to focus. Things like an ergonomic chair, good lighting, and minimal distractions may make a big difference to your productivity. In addition, invest in organisational products such as filing cabinets and plastic drawers to reduce clutter.

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Even with all the right preparations, being a mumpreneur will be a daily challenge. This level of multitasking requires a great deal of motivation, willingness to ask for help, and intentional use of time. As you learn to balance your developing company, your kids, and employee wellbeing, remember that you will make mistakes along the way. Learn from them and keep on trying.

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