8 Steps to Be an Effective Leader in the Workplace

Amy Roberts   24 January, 2020
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Leadership is learned behaviour that becomes unconscious and automatic over time. For example, leaders can make several important decisions about an issue in the time it takes others to understand the question. Many people wonder how leaders know how to make the best decisions, often under immense pressure. The process of making these decisions comes from an accumulation of experiences and encounters with a multitude of different circumstances, personality types and unforeseen failures.


“No matter where you are in your career, it's never too early or too late to start or continue to develop your leadership skills. Leadership is often described as a set of skills that can be enhanced and trained.” - Abhi Golhar


8 Steps to Be an Effective Leader in Your Workplace:

1. Make Others Feel Safe to Speak-up

Whether consciously or unconsciously, leaders intimidate their colleagues with their title and power when they walk into a room. Successful leaders deflect attention away from themselves and encourage others to voice their opinions. They are experts at making others feel safe to speak-up and confidently share their perspectives and points of view.   They use their executive presence to create an approachable environment.

2. Be Goal-oriented

Instead of focusing on the problem at hand, an effective leader instead directs attention toward the solution. Instead of worrying and complaining about the issues, they focus on the objectives and then turn their energies toward creating a plan and strategy to achieve those objectives. An effective leader prioritises so they can get the most important and urgent things done first.

3. Lead by Example

When a leader asks someone to complete a difficult assignment, if that leader has shown they have completed the same task, or they jump in and show their willingness to do it, they are leading by example. A humble attitude goes a long way to gain the respect of your team. A good leader will help to retain top talent as people will feel valued in the workplace. 

4. Be a Great Teacher

Share all you know. Superiors and team members will see the benefits of your knowledge when you freely exchange it with others, after all, you’re the expert at what you do. Knowledge and skills are valuable and even more so when they’re shared with others. 

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5. Take Responsibility

Instead of pointing fingers and playing the blame game when things go wrong, a good leader takes responsibility for the team's actions and their consequences. By being willing to take responsibility, you prove that you're worthy of trust and respect.

6. Communicate Effectively

Excellent communication skills are necessary to become an effective leader. However, communication is not just about expressing what you want to happen - it's also about being able to truly listen to others. An effective leader not only expresses their ideas and strategies persuasively and clearly but also listens to feedback with an open mind.

7. Have a Positive Attitude

When a person is positive, even in difficult situations, the people near them are positive too. Positivity is a vital part of being a strong leader. It helps to motivate people and builds a better environment for the team to work in. Positivity amongst a team also allows people to feel valued which in turn builds a positive company culture

8. Take Leadership Courses

Leadership training programs can help teach you the essential skills and techniques you need in order to look at challenges from a different perspective. Doing so can add clarity to a difficult situation, and also promotes wisdom and facilitates self-confidence.

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