4 Ways To Promote A Culture Of Friendliness Within The Workplace

Jen Boots   14 April, 2020
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Workplace culture can be one of the most important factors in determining a company’s success, and yet it’s something we don’t talk about enough. Sometimes, the thinking is almost somewhat backwards – as in, company leadership assumes that efficiency and success will naturally lead to a favourable working environment. There’s some logic to that assumption, but more often the reverse is true: Developing a strong, positive workplace culture inspires better work and leads to more success.

Part of establishing that kind of working environment means promoting a culture of friendliness, such that people within the workplace feel like they’re part of a social community, and not just a company. And we have a few tips for how to do just that.

1. Allow Remote Work & Provide Travel Time

Travel is a top employee benefit, and few would dispute the idea! More specifically, extra travel days and flexible working hours are among the most desired benefits, according to surveys and we’d contend that the ability to work remotely probably isn’t too far down the list. The global pandemic caught out many companies who weren’t  prepared for their staff to work remotely. Naturally, a company still has to hold employees accountable, and work has to get done. But allowing these types of flexibility, within reason, helps employees to feel relaxed and cared for, and ultimately leads to a happier, friendlier work environment. If you’re still struggling to get set up at home, why not check out our range of offers on tech to help you get settled?

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2. Personalise Career Development

There aren’t many better ways for a company to project friendliness toward employees than to help them proactively advance their careers. It’s perhaps for this reason that CNBC’s Jennifer Liu included “ultra-personalised career development paths” among her “buzziest trends in work benefits” for the year ahead. Liu cited surveys indicating that providing opportunities for advancement is one of the best paths to employee satisfaction. This makes it clear that initiating plans to personally assist each individual employee with career development can help to build a stronger workplace culture.

3. Automate Payroll

Finances are at the core of a lot of workplace stress. This can sometimes manifest in frustrations over managing timesheets, submitting information for payroll, and so on – and that’s without considering the potential for disputed claims, overtime debates, etc. In short, asking an employee to help with payroll tends to produce a lot of stress, and can make an otherwise-friendly environment seem tense. Addressing this idea, Simon Austin-Beckett of Verizon Connect UK argues for automating payroll. He does so with specific regard to supply chain workers and fleet tracking, but the truth is that most any business can use modern technology to automate payroll and make it pain-free.workplace-culture-environment

4. Improve Office Space

Finally, improving the actual office space can go a long way as well, essentially by making it easier and more appealing for employees to interact. ViewSonic identified some workplace design trends that are meant to boost employee engagement such as flexible spaces, blended and activity-based rooms, and they make clear that interaction is the goal. A thoughtfully designed, modern office space can lead employees to work together more naturally, which can certainly lead to a friendlier workplace culture.

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