6 Ways to Promote Wellness in the Workplace

Liz Carey   16 January, 2020
Employee Wellbeing

Stress can be a huge threat to our overall health and is one of the biggest killers of productivity in the workplace. Work is a leading cause of stress, as employers we have a duty to try and ensure employees aren’t feeling frazzled. After all, everything from staff absences to lower rates of productivity caused by disengaged staff, stress can cost you, and it can cost you big. In this post, we look at how to promote wellness in the workplace.

Encourage Your Team to Bond

Research shows that employees who feel ‘connected’ and have strong relationships with their co-workers are more likely to be happy at work, and therefore less likely to feel stressed out.

Avoid Employee Burnout

Tiredness can be a huge buzzkill. Tired employees don’t make for productive ones. Some companies are actively encouraging their staff to take a nap at work, to ensure they top up on the sleep they need. If sleeping on the job isn’t for you, why not promote the benefits of getting 8 hours of sleep a night to your team? 

Make Time to Meditate

Meditation is becoming one of the most popular ways to mitigate stress. There are hundreds of meditation and mindfulness apps available - encourage your team members to download one and set some time aside each week to allow them to quieten their minds and relieve stress.


Encourage Exercise

Exercise isn’t just good for us physically - it works wonders for our mental health too. In our staff benefits portal, we offer discounted memberships to many of the leading gyms. Sign Up today and encourage your team to exercise to combat stress. 

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Encourage Your Team to Take a Break

Actively encourage your employees to take 5 minutes away from their desk in order to reset their minds. It will clear their heads and mean they return to work more refreshed, motivated, and ultimately, more productive.  

Celebrate Your Team

Set aside some time each month to ensure you celebrate the successes of your team to boost levels of morale and make your employees feel appreciated. After all, appreciated, engaged employees are much more likely to work harder. 

Ultimately, the less stressed your team are, the less stressed you’ll be. Implementing and promoting health and wellness is not just an investment in the employees, it benefits you as employers as well.

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