5 Tips to Survive Dry January

Liz Carey   10 January, 2020
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It’s become somewhat of a global phenomenon, but that doesn’t make ‘Dry January’ any easier.  Seen by many as the bleakest month of the year - the festivities of December are a distant memory and payday seems light years away - adding Dry January to that can often make January feel distinctly dull. But it doesn’t have to be. After weeks of stress, parties, food overload, and (for many of us anyway) too much to drink, we all have an urge to hit some sort of reset button. Dry January can help you shed some post Christmas pounds and save some cash. In this post, we look at how to survive Dry January.

1. Don’t Change Your Plans

Stick to what’s in your diary. Just because you’re not drinking doesn’t mean you have to stay at home with a serious case of FOMO. Do the things you normally would just don’t drink any alcohol while doing them. 

2. Stock Up on Alternatives

Should cravings strike, be sure to stock your fridge with alcohol free alternatives. When you’re out and about, why not indulge in a mocktail? You’ll get the same taste as your favourite cocktail, but without the hangover the next day!dry-january

3. Keep Track of Your Savings

When you’re really tempted to throw in the towel, log in to your online banking and see how much you’re actually saving by not drinking? The likelihood is, it’ll be a fair amount - enough to treat yourself (to something non-alcoholic!)

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4. Take Note of How Much Better You Feel

When you cut out alcohol, your health improves. It really is that simple. You’re likely to feel more energised, less bloated and you’ll notice improvements in your skin and hair.  

5. How We Can Help You Complete Dry January

If you’re looking for alternative ways to fill your time this January, as you steer clear of anything alcohol related, we’ve got a whole host of discounted activities to keep you busy in our staff benefits portal. From discounted cinema and theatre tickets to money off adventure courses, we’ve got plenty to keep you occupied. Sign Up to be a Staff Treats member to find out more or if you’re an existing member log in  to your account. 

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