HR Trends: Why Should You Use Automated Skill Assessment Tools in 2020

Samawat Shakil   17 September, 2020
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The Human Resource department is one of the most proactive elements of a business organisation because it is directly related to your employees, and they are the most important part of your business. Thus, if you want to keep your workforce competent in 2020, you have to follow the latest HR trends, and currently, usage of automated skill assessment tools is high on the trend list.

Why Are Skill Assessment Tools Prominent HR Trends?

According to Criteria Pre-Employment Testing, 78% of candidates submit misleading resumes, and 46% of resumes contain sheer lies. When you hire unfit and incompetent employees based on false information, you are inviting unnecessary trouble for your business.  

Thus, if you don’t want to lose your business because of a bad hiring decision, it’s advisable to use skill assessment tools and thoroughly test your employees' expertise before getting them on your payroll. However, apart from avoiding bad hiring decisions, you can gain other leverages by keeping up with the latest HR trends.


Addressing the Trouble of Skill Gap

A report published by the Society for Human Resource Management found that 75% of recruiters aren’t able to hire competent employees due to skill gap problems. When recruiters search for the right candidate to fill a particular job role, they may not find candidates who possess the desired skills and knowledge, let alone a candidate who is the right culture fit. By using skill assessment tests, candidates can understand the level of skills required by the hiring company so that they can upgrade their skills and knowledge prior to applying for the job opening making sure nobody wastes unnecessary time Automated skill assessment tools like this one, are available for HR managers to perform pre-employment tests.

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High Volume Hiring

When you are hiring for a large number of applicants, manually sorting and screening each candidate can become a very time-consuming task, especially when you are hiring employees for remote positions. Naturally, as your location pool has been broadened,  the number of applicants is going to be more when compared to job openings for location-dependent jobs. With the help of assessment test tools, you can easily sort a large number of applicants and pick the adequate person after assessing them on numerous skill tests.

Reduced Costs

With pre-employment screening, companies have lowered their annual spending by 39%. When companies don’t have to hire dedicated staff to conduct hiring procedures, they can easily save a large number of their financial resources. Machine learning software can perform faster and more effectively when compared to manual screening by recruiters.

Cultural Fit Hiring

When you are able to hire the right employees who fit in with your business culture and values, your hiring satisfaction level can increase by up to 36%. With the right culture fit, you can elevate the performance of your business operations and reduce your training time that you have to spend on the training of unfit employees. You will also save valuable resources by reducing staff turnover.

Enhance your Brand

In today’s cut-throat competitive environment, it is very important for employers to establish themselves as reputable workplaces. No company wants a bad reputation on Glassdoor, it’s simply not good for business when prospective clients catch wind of unhappy employees. On the contrary, your existing employees can be your most loyal brand ambassadors so if you want to attract talented professionals, it’s worthwhile investing in establishing yourself as an elite employer brand, which only hires the best candidates. By pre-screening the skills of job applicants, you can send a message that your company has an intensive recruitment process that only a couple of talented professionals can pass. This will encourage top candidates to be part of your elite group, and you will be able to hire the best employees without any stress.

Save Time

With skill assessment tools, you can save time for your organisation in two different ways. First, you can reduce the workload of your recruiter by giving them a systematic tool to screen the candidates. Thus, all the manual hours are now reduced, and efficiency in the recruitment process is increased. A shorter and more effective hiring process equals less money spent.  

Secondly, you can save yourself from the trouble of bad hiring and exploiting the resources of your company.  On average, one bad hire is equivalent to a $15 000 loss to the company. If you don’t want to exhaust your company’s precious time and financial resources, it’s worth investing in the right skill assessment tools for pre-employment screening.

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