How to Increase Workplace Productivity Among Your Employees

Liz Carey   1 October, 2019
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Employee and workplace productivity are vital for your organisation to stay alive.  But what turns an average employee into a productivity powerhouse? How do you increase productivity amongst your workforce?

The key ingredient to increase productivity

Motivated employees are essential to building a productive workforce.  If you’re employees aren’t engaged, you definitely won’t be getting the best from them.  

Disengaged employees are not only less productive, but they are more likely to call in sick and also drive up employee turnover, which in turn will cause your profits to dip. So, to increase productivity you need to engage with your employees.  

But how do you do that? 


Equip your team with the right tools

Firstly, make sure that your team have the tools they need to perform their job properly.  Giving them the right tools will make their jobs easier, helping them to work quicker, thus saving time and increasing productivity at work. 

This also applies to training – once you’ve hired someone, training is essential to ensure that they continue to get better at their jobs. Make sure that there are many day to day opportunities for employees to learn new skills.


Workplace productivity collaboration

It’s good to talk

Communication is key.  As a leader, you need to effectively communicate your expectations to your employees in order to engage them.  Focus on positive communication and try to flip negatives into positives, giving them achievable goals to work towards.  Listen to your employees and offer constructive, not derogatory feedback. 


Don’t forget to delegate

Delegating is important.  By giving your staff responsibility, you show them you trust them.  This will make them feel integral to the business and improve morale. 

Giving your employees the opportunity to gain leadership skills and experience will benefit your company and give your team a sense of achievement and responsibility.


Offer employee perks

It’s also crucial that you don’t forget to recognise the importance of creating a thriving workplace culture through employee perks and benefits.  A recent Glassdoor survey revealed that four out of five employees would prefer an employee perks scheme to a pay rise.  

Find a programme that offers a wide range of options, from discounted mobile phone tariffs to restaurant vouchers, and personal support to colleagues when they need it.  Provide your team with extras to give a sense of loyalty and increase morale. 


Focus on employee benefits

Workplace benefits can be the factor that differentiates you to your employees from your competitors.  Flexible working arrangements are top the list of most popular employee benefits, closely followed by financial incentives. 

Healthcare and sick days are also popular employee benefits, as is the option for remote working. Be flexible with your employees and you can expect the same favour from them. 


Make sure your team is happy

The happier your team are, the happier you’ll be.  Stress does not yield productivity, so show your employees how much you appreciate, respect and value them.  Talk one to one with your employees about their work-life balance and work together to create a positive working environment. 

Provide breakout spaces within the office and encourage workers to take regular breaks. If you put in the time and effort to engage with your team, you’ll start to see employee productivity increase.

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