Just Brew It: 5 Reasons Why Quality Coffee is a Must-Have Office Perk

Siobhan O'Shea   13 January, 2020
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Ask office workers what they look for in an ideal workplace and three items that will be close to the top of the list will be comfort, good coffee, and reliable WiFi. Coffee is an absolute must-have on the office perk list!

While we all can't have a coffee bar on every floor (Goldman Sachs), or offer our employees Barista courses (Google), we know that a jar of instant coffee in the kitchen no longer cuts it.

Employees expect not just coffee, but high quality ground beans on tap.

Glassdoor, the job and recruitment site, includes many coffee-centric reviews, such as:  

“the worst thing is leaving the lovely café behind which was a right treat, lovely barista and setting of coffee shop also”.

According to Allegra World Coffee Portal, 52% of consumers expect barista-made lattes at work.

If you’re an employer, there are many reasons to consider installing that capsule-based or bean-to-cup coffee machine.

1. It Improves Productivity

In adults, caffeine has many beneficial effects. It increases energy, decreases fatigue, enhances physical, motor, and cognitive performance, boosts alertness, perks up attention, and feelings of energy, and decreases mental fatigue.

It also increases one’s ability to concentrate and focus attention, and promotes the ability to solve problems requiring reasoning. We should keep in mind that for some people with underlying conditions, such as anxiety, caffeine can have negative effects.

2. It Keeps People Happy

An office-bound coffee culture has nothing to do with gut bacteria! As an employer, taking the time to forge closer relationships with colleagues over a cuppa does wonders for team bonding; leading to increased productivity, morale, and collaboration on a day-to-day basis.

We all want our workplace to be a community of people who can come together in a shared experience. Having good coffee doesn’t hurt that experience.


3. It Promotes Creativity

Studies have shown that the consumption of caffeine in the workplace can promote creativity, increase concentration and even prevent accidents in the workplace. Many people find that the best ideas are formed away from their desk! 

As far back as the 18th century, coffee shops were called 'penny universities' because for a penny you could discuss anything with people from all walks of life.

Create a space where staff can take regular coffee breaks, and you'll find they will exchange ideas, de-stress, and remain more focused throughout the day.

Are some of your staff working from home? Click here to find out how to boost their employee wellbeing.

4. It Saves Money

The average British person spends £303 on coffee each year, yet 44% of employees, according to Allegra World Coffee Portal, say their coffee is provided for free at work.

Rather than employees spending time and money queueing at coffee shops – which also adds to the problem of single-use cups – providing quality coffee options in the office gives workers incentives to stay.

5. Health Benefits

Believe it or not, coffee has many health benefits. The antioxidants found within it can reduce inflammation and the likelihood of conditions, such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

Recent research from Queen Mary University of London has shown that drinking coffee, including in people who drink up to 25 cups a day (!), is not associated with having stiffer arteries. 

As a manager, you may wind up arbitrating fights over who left the coffee pot empty, demands for rounds of coffee for nine people, and wars over which coffee to stock.

But take the coffee away and there would be uproar…

Coffee perks are likely here to stay.

From improving productivity and health, to reducing expenditures and boosting morale among co-workers, there are plenty of reasons to make quality coffee available to your employees. Staff Treats can help with discounts on coffee machines, vouchers, coffee plans, and more, log in for a virtual cuppa or  book a demo.

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