Staff Treats Launch Chrome Extension Revolutionising Employee Benefits

Amy Roberts   26 November, 2020
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We’re excited to announce the launch of our new extension for Chrome, enabling us to better serve our customers and revolutionise the features of our employee benefits portal. 

With our new feature, Staff Treats members can log onto any website, using Chrome’s browser, and if a discount is available from Staff Treats on that website, you’ll be notified with a pop up in your browsing tab.

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To make things easier, check out this video to see exactly how the new employee benefits tool works: 

Staff Treats New Chrome Extension

When browsing your favourite online shops (such as Currys, John Lewis, Adidas and ASOS to name a few)  as a Staff Treats member with the Chrome extension installed, you’ll automatically receive a pop-up notification if a discount is available on that website. 

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Once notified, simply click the Staff Treats icon, select the offer you’re interested in whereby you’ll be redirected to the Staff Treats portal to claim your discount code. 

Download Extension

Happy shopping! 

Staff Treats provides flexible and versatile employee benefits and reward programmes, using cutting-edge and culture-first technology. We meet you at your level, designing the programme that’s right for you and evolving with you as you grow. Book a demo if you'd like to find out more - we'd love to hear from you.

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