Got a Shopify Store? You Need These Employee Benefits for Your Team!

Sally Hetherington   8 April, 2021
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Selling online can become an expensive exercise, with money being channeled into hosting, designing and developing, leaving limited finances for employee benefits - but this is not the case if you have a Shopify store, the platform that has revolutionised eCommerce by allowing people with no coding experience to easily customise their online storefront and sell in multiple places with limited time spent on developing the backend. The company currently supports over 800K merchants in 175 countries. 

Having a Shopify store to sell your products online is the best of both worlds - you have full control on the content management system without the expense or inconvenience of having to outsource to a 3rd party. Easy-to-manage eCommerce stores are particularly relevant in the climate with many people not only working from home, but also preferring to order online. 

One of the primary benefits of having a Shopify store is the ability to work remotely and manage your store from wherever you are. As such you will need to equip your employees with the necessary tools to work remotely and manage your webshop at ease.

If you’re a budding Jeff Bezos, but just starting out with a small team, we suggest setting up these elements for smooth collaboration, between you and your UK-based employees.

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Equip Your Team With The Right Hardware

It goes without saying, anyone working remotely will understand the importance of a good PC or laptop - something that will allow you to work effectively and efficiently. HP offers a range of desktops, laptops, monitors and printers, and with our 40% off employee benefit this is an affordable way to get you equipped. 

If you are more of an Acer fan, take 15% off the most expensive item, so consider the Swift 3 Ultra-thin laptop, a nifty little Chromebook, or even spoil yourself with some gaming equipment for the weekend in between managing your Shopify store. 

Use our employee benefits of 10% off all Google devices and turn your home office into a smart environment with the Google Nest Hub, to personalise your calendars, listen to podcasts, catch up with the news or even get weather and traffic updates. Combine this with a nifty Pixelbook Go to take your office wherever you go, whilst the addition of a Pixel 5 Google phone allows you to stay connected on the move.

If your staff are working from home you also need to be offering them phones as an employee benefit. Click here to find out why.

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Now Add the Accessories

Once you have the basics of your team’s remote office set up in order to run your Shopify store, you will need a range of nifty accessories to make all your lives easier. 

The top recommendation from our Marketing Ops Manager Amy Roberts are the Airpod Pro’s: “My AirPod pro's have significantly improved my WFH experience. The bluetooth technology integrates seamlessly with my Macbook Pro so each time I remove the pods from my ears my music pauses and restarts when I put them in again. The microphone is clear enough for Zoom meetings and even allows me to record high-quality explainer videos for our dashboards." Get 10% off Airpods through the Staff Treats portal. 

Whether you’re on an island, or overlanding through Africa, the joy with having a Shopify store is that you can run it from wherever you are. Protect your gear with accessories from Dell - the Pro Sleeve 14 with water resistant interior protects your laptop wherever your day takes you, or should you need to carry your entire office with you, the Dell Pro Hybrid Briefcase Backpack 15 has a spot for everything. Get 20% off all Dell accessories.

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Last but not Least, Ensure Security

Globetrotting (or simply working from home) with the hardware and accessories required for your Shopify store does have risks. Make sure you are covered for any accidents or loss with gadget insurance from Protect Your Bubble. Earn up to £9.50 cashback when you sign up online and receive worldwide coverage for theft, damage or mechanical breakdown as well as unlimited repairs so make sure you are never without.

Protecting your devices is not only about loss or damage, but also your data, which is particularly important when running your business completely online. Protect your team’s data with NordVPN, which offers you a secure, encrypted tunnel for online traffic to flow, offering peace of mind when on public Wi-Fi. Get 73% off security for all your devices for two years through our employee benefits offering.

Need some cool wellness work-from-home gadget ideas? Click here for our top 10!

These are just some of the employee benefits on offer through our Staff Treats portal, but with over 1500+ perks on offer there’s so much choice. Book a demo to learn more about our employee benefits platform.

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