Show Your Team Some Love This Employee Appreciation Day

Liz Carey   3 March, 2020
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Every year, the world celebrates Employee Appreciation Day on the first Friday of March. The day, which this year falls on 6th March, provides employers with an opportunity to show their gratitude for their employees’ hard work and dedication. In this post, we look at how you can show your team some love this Employee Appreciation Day.


Why Is It Important to Show Your Staff You Appreciate Them?

Working weeks are busy. As the boss, it’s likely that your focus is on business strategy and objectives. However, Employee Appreciation Day gives you the chance to take a step back and focus on the people that are making things happen within your business on a day to day basis - your team. 

Employee appreciation plays a huge role in how motivated your staff are. Research has proven that the more appreciation your staff feel, the more motivated and engaged they will be. What’s more, levels of morale will be boosted and staff turnover will be reduced. The bottom line is, recognising the work and worth of your employees makes for better business. 

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Ways to Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day

So how can you show your team some love and celebrate them this Employee Appreciation Day? There are hundreds of ways to participate, but below we’ve listed some of our favourites.  

Plan Some Office Games

Why not turn the day into an opportunity for team building? Organise a number of games that will encourage your team (and you) to work together, and have fun while doing so.  team-building

Lunch Is on You

Why not treat your team to lunch? Either in or out of the office, it’s a great way to encourage bonding and will make your team feel valued.

Happy Hour

Why not end the working day slightly earlier and throw a happy hour to celebrate Employee Appreciation Day? It will bring your team together and boost morale.

Host Employee Awards

Why not hold an employee awards ceremony to celebrate successes in your team over the last 12 months? This could be for excellent leadership, displaying great social skills, going the extra mile to meet a deadline - it’s up to you.

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How Can We Help You Show Your Team They’re Appreciated?

At Staff Treats, we know how important it is to motivate your team in order to build relationships, increase productivity and morale as well as build a corporate culture where employees want to work. Employee appreciation shouldn’t just be shown one day a year - it should be shown all year round!  Let your team feel engaged with employee perks that will encourage a healthy work-life balance, showing you care. These include discounts at popular high street retailers, discounted cinema tickets, cheap mobile plans, and so much more. To find out more, book a demo with us.

Employee appreciation day is a great way to engage with and motivate your employees. We hope that we’ve given you a few ideas to show them that you care and that can help you to take a step towards a highly motivated workforce that’s committed to excellence.

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