Staff Treats Partners With Revoola - a Mind & Wellbeing App for All

Amy Roberts   23 September, 2021
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Staff Treats is proud to partner with Revoola to give all our clients’ employees access to mind and body fitness. With equal emphasis on mental and physical fitness, Revoola is an easy-to-use and affordable wellbeing app for everybody, regardless of age, gender, fitness level or body type. 

It celebrates effort, rather than performance, and has countless ways to help users manage, track and share that effort, along with everything they want to achieve on their wellbeing journey.

The instructors are as diverse as the classes and the beauty is, users can try any class at any time, in any place that suits them. They can even plan to do it at the same time as friends and colleagues – virtual yoga class in your workday lunchtime? No problem! It’s a great way for employees to bond and motivate one another and to share in the pleasure of feeling healthier in mind and body.

Revoola has two modes in which to track mental and physical health, meaning users get a really holistic experience. Body Score (effort mode) is calculated and displayed on the Revoola dashboard from 0% to 100%, based on some basic information that is gathered when users sign up. If users like, they can also collect the points that Revoola awards based on their personal effort in all the body activities - they might get more points for a run than for a yoga class for example.

Mind Score (relaxation mode) is calculated in the same way as Body Score except that points are awarded for being more relaxed and mindful. Users will probably earn more points in a Relax Meditation than a Mindful Movement class for example. 

The Revoola dashboard offers an array of easy-to-see features that give you an overview of how users are progressing. They can see how many sessions they’ve done, how many minutes of mindfulness and much more.

In the Community area, users can add colleagues and join different teams making it a wellness hub where members achieve together. Users can choose to see what Revoola friends are up to and send

them encouragement and share in their achievements. Seen that Claire from your team has just got back from a 5K run? Or Sam’s done a HIIT class? Fellow employees can send them a thumbs up or comment to give them some encouragement.

For those with a competitive streak, the leader-board feature is sure to be a motivator in the office. When you do a class, Revoola measures the user’s effort against all other people in their level in the class – and displays their place on a leaderboard. 

For more information on how you can use Revoola to improve the wellbeing of your employees in partnership with Staff Treats, please email or book a demo with us. 

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