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Talya Zwiers   17 September, 2018
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Millennials are filling the workplace left, right and centre, so companies, both large and small, are looking for ways to attract and more importantly retain the best talent. Known as masters in the tech space, with a zest for innovation and creativity, companies need to adapt their offerings to move forward with the times, with a workforce who are less traditional, value their own time and like being the boss of their doings. Millennials don’t seem to be motivated by the same things which appealed to generations before. Tapping into the mindset of this generation, seeing what makes them tick and what they appreciate, will drive your company forward positively, will boost employee engagement and ultimately productivity levels. The shift to wellness has never had more of an emphasis than now. Here’s a few simple, yet achievable perks to consider:

Eliminate 9-5 Monday to Friday
Millennials are far less traditional when it comes to the working way. They view output and getting tasks completed as far more important than sitting behind a computer screen twiddling thumbs and clock watching. When employees are given the flexibility, trust and autonomy to get things done, they are sure to work harder and more efficiently to complete what’s needed, often working smarter and harder. If millennials feel accountable for their output, this will inspire them to achieve it in the best possible manner, however if you hold them accountable for arriving at 9am sharp, the focus is on the wrong metric.

Free food and snacks
Healthy snack stations in the office and free lunches is one way to engage the team – everyone loves a freebie. Encouraging the team to have healthy snacks from fruit bowls to energy bars can increase energy and motivation. Nutrition fuels performance and teams are more likely to feel less sluggish. It’s not only the big corporates that have this on offer, more and more small businesses and SMEs have jumped on the bandwagon.

Lifestyle perks
Millennials value a work / life balance and like to work hard and play harder. Offering perks and benefits to your team that allow them to take time out and enjoy life outside the office really appeals to a younger team - be it discounted cinema tickets, days out vouchers, access to sold-out gig tickets and discounted theatre tickets and discounted healthy food options. Another valuable perk is reduced supermarket and high street retailer vouchers.

Discounted gym memberships
A healthy employee is a happy employee, and happy employees get the job done well. Millennials are one of the most health conscious generation. From gyming a few times a week, or evening yoga sessions, park runs and more. However, not everyone has extra disposable income to pay the hefty prices to join. More and more companies are offering discounted gym memberships as a perk, as well as even discounted exercise classes in-house in the office. A lot of companies are placing the spotlight on their wellness strategies with healthy workers as a priority.

Remote working
The way we work is changing, and going into the office Monday – Friday isn’t always the most effective way for all employees to spend their time. Living in a digital world, employees can work from wherever, whenever. When commuting from afar, train delays and for personal appointments, the chances are people can get far more done than wasting time just getting into the office. If a team member requires some quiet time to complete a big task or hit a deadline, often working from the comfort of home or the local coffee shop can aid in effectiveness and efficiency. However, on the flipside, it’s crucial for organisations to ensure that remote workers don’t feel alienated from the wider team. Feeling neglected and not part of the greater team has serious repercussions on employee engagement and productivity. Careful care needs to be taken to engage remote workers, for regular social meet-ups and team gatherings.

Game breaks
It’s impossible to stay focused solidly for 40 hours! And the younger generations like being active, engaged and social. So what better way that to have a games room or even a pool table in the office. This will encourage teams to get up, mingle between teams, share ideas and even utilize this time as a brainstorming opportunity. They say, often the best ideas happen outside the meeting room. After a fun break, employees feel refreshed, rejuvenated and are ready to continue their work with zeal. Game are one of the best stress relievers, and are one way to boost a company culture and retain your best employees.

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