The Secrets to Unlocking Employee Engagement Today

Talya Zwiers   17 June, 2019
Employee Engagement

In today’s always-on, fast paced working life, companies are constantly on the hunt to find out what makes their employees tick, as well as effective ways to ensure corporate culture and motivation are at optimum levels. With the workspace packed with people from different generations, including the baby-boomers, Gen X, Y and Z and the millennials, a one-fit approach to engaging the whole team doesn’t seem to fit the bill any longer. If you’re a savvy HR professional or a director looking to engage your staff, discover some popular trends below:

1. Work / life balance
It’s becoming increasingly more popular for organisations to adopt a shorter workweek and offering the option of flexible working or working from home one day a week / month as they see the tremendous value inherit within. Companies are investing in their employees overall wellbeing and taking into account their stress levels and personal commitments. Clock watching should be something of the past, and a more flexible way of working should be a way of the future. Employees are more motivated and engaged and can work most effectively at the hours that suit them, for example, sitting in traffic at 7am could be counterproductive for someone, where they can get ahead with their emails. A strong work / life balance is a talking point for employees, especially for employee retention.

2. Be personal
Get to know your team, what they like and dislike, the inter-working's of everyone and you will be propelled forward. Employees like to feel valued and they are contributing to the greater whole. What appeals to a new recruit who is 25 years old won’t necessarily appeal to an employee in their 60s who has been with the company for 10 years. Tailor any internal programmes you have running to the individual employee. If you have a reward and recognition scheme in place, then ensure bespoke rewards are available as a London based experience day as a gift won’t be relevant for an awarded employee in the Scotland team. If you know your team, this shows you want to engage and recognize them personally… there’s nothing like the personal touch.

3. Focus on the employee Experience (EX)
For most businesses, it’s always been about the customer experience (CX) and how this impacts the overall business. Employees now demand a lot more than just a salary at the end of the month. They want a happy working environment, they want their needs to be taken into account, they want to be independent and know they are valued. Right from the first interview, to the hiring process, induction, integration into the team and regular catch-ups, the whole employee experience needs to be consistent, engaging and employee-centric. The EX extends far beyond a drinks trolley on a Friday and an annual Christmas party. Employees should be treated first and foremost as the company’s most important customers, as it is they who live and breath the brand and are the day-to-day face of the company.

4. Employee training and development
This can be viewed as a double-edged sword: by training and upskilling your employees is most definitely a pro for your organisation as it will help propel you forward by having staff who are always in-the-know and experienced, but on the same hand, it may open up new doors for your team to look for a new opportunity within a different company. By not providing such opportunities can create a negative environment damaging morale and can be crippling for a company. If employees see there is growth opportunities, they have somewhere where they can move up and make a difference, the more engaged they will be.

5. Focus on holistic wellbeing
A well-rounded positively healthy employee will impact on engagement levels, will reduce absenteeism, decrease staff turnover and ultimately impact the overall culture. Holistic wellbeing takes all elements into account: physical, social, emotional and financial. More and more companies are offering different wellbeing initiatives for their team, from Employee Assistance Programmes (EAPs), in-house yoga and meditation classes, discounted gym memberships to having financial advisers on hand to guide on all monetary and investment decisions.

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