Top 5 Adventure Destinations for 2020: Use Your Travel Perks Now!

Sally Hetherington   28 January, 2020
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Are the winter blues getting you down and you feel like the holidays are so far past that it’s time for a new adventure? While you are dreaming, keep in mind that Staff Treats offers plenty of travel perks to get you on your way! Start planning your summer holiday now because it’s definitely food for the soul to know that there’s something exciting planned for the future - even if your next break is still ages away - knowing it’s booked gets you through the daily grind! We’ve put together a few ideas to get you started on your next adventure - and this one is definitely for the adrenaline junkies out there!


1. Dubai

There is so much on offer for the thrill seeker in Dubai it’s hard to know where to start! Choose between a bird’s eye view of Palm Island or the raw beauty of the desert by leaping out of a plane at 4000 meters and plummeting for a minute’s freefall, followed by a gentle descent to the ground. The desert offers a myriad of adventure, including 4x4 dune bashing, quad biking, sand-boarding and camel safaris. If you prefer the coolness of the ocean then try your hand at deep-sea fishing, although if this is too sedate there is also fly-boarding, jet skiing and scuba diving on offer. Earn cash back when you book an Emirates flight online through our portal.


2. Alaska

If you’re able to handle the cold then head into the snow for some travel adventure of a different kind. Start off with skiing like you’ve never done before by being airlifted to the remotest parts of the mountain before whizzing down to meet your fate. If this is just too much then try your hand (and legs!) at glacier trekking or fat tyre biking on the endless smooth snow. Alaska is also home to one of the world’s largest zip riders which is sure to give you a thrill like no other! Staff Treats offers members great travel benefits such as discounts off ski gear through our partnership with SportPursuit

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3. Germany

Germany is not the first place to come to mind when thinking of adventure holidays, yet this is the place to be if you have that need for speed! It’s here that you can put your racing driver ambitions to the test so strap yourself into the driver’s seat at one of the many driving academies and try your on-road skills! For something a little more sedate get behind the wheel of a hotrod in Rostock for a slightly different tour. If driving isn’t your thing, consider spending a night under the stars camping in a portaledge - yes that would be a tent suspended in mid-air - hopefully, nobody afraid of heights here!


4. Zambia

This small African country has plenty to offer, particularly the town of Livingstone. Start with a white-water ride through the Zambezi river before a quiet dip in the Devil’s pool - a small body of water overlooking the edge of the mighty Victoria Falls. If you prefer not being in the water consider a bridge swing or bungee jump - at 111 meters high one of the more thrilling jumps around. Livingstone also offers crocodile cage diving at one of their reptile farms or for a view like no other book a flight on a micro-light or helicopter. Speak to our Concierge Service for more information on the best discounts on travel. 

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5. Cape Town

Saving the best for last, this city at the tip of Africa offers a wide range of activities for the adventure seeker. Abseil off the top of natural wonder Table Mountain or paraglide from Lion’s Head, or take a dip into the cold Atlantic to come face-to-face with a great white shark. Cape Town also boasts one of Africa’s longest zip-line tours, as well as quad biking, sand-surfing, deep sea fishing and sky-diving - definitely something for everyone! 

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Sally Hetherington

Full time teen wrangler, part time writer, passionate traveller and wannabe chef.

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