Bill & Melinda Gates: Benefits of a Growth Mindset in the Workplace

The recent headlines about Bill and Melinda Gates filing for divorce have sent shockwaves through the philanthropic world. They announced their...
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Workplace Webinars: Building a Business Vision that People Engage With

Every startup has a business plan - a formal document that contains the goals of the business and the plans to achieve them. But in order to make...
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The Good News: UK Employment Prospects Potentially on the Rise

According to a recent report by the BBC, more than half of employees in the UK plan on hiring staff in the next three months.
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Workplace Webinars: Resilience and Coping with Change

We recently hosted a webinar on workplace resilience and coping with change, particularly in these challenging times. 
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Why UX Matters When it Comes to Attracting the Best Job Candidates

User Experience has fast become an important aspect of business, yet most people consider it as relating to the end-user, being their experiences,...
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Reward & Recognition: 8 Ideas for a Company Year End in Corona Times

With the end of the year approaching and another lockdown in place, we're sure team morale could do with a pick-me-up. 2020 has been quite a year,...
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How Employee Experience Impacts Customer Experience

If anyone asks what drives a business, the first thing that will come to mind is the customer - because without customers, there would be no...
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3 Employee Recognition Strategies to Retain Construction Professionals

Many construction companies have a hard time retaining their trained workers and don’t seem to know the reason behind this. However, one thing...
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Retention: How You Should React When Your Best Employee Resigns

No matter the size of your business or your team, we’re sure you have that one employee that is the glue that holds everything together. It’s team...
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HR Trends: Why Should You Use Automated Skill Assessment Tools in 2020

The Human Resource department is one of the most proactive elements of a business organisation because it is directly related to your employees,...
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Startups: 4 Ways To Hire And Retain Top Tech Talent

It seems every week there are new companies entering the tech space. We hear of software engineers with a new idea for an app leaving their...
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Employee Retention: Why Millennials Will Leave & Other Truths

You’ve hired a golden employee, they’re productive, everyone on the team loves them and you can see loads of potential for your new candidate to...
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4 Remote Work & WFH Strategies for Better Employee Retention

For many businesses that weren’t quite set up to comfortably work from home, the pandemic propelled them into a whole new world that they weren’t...
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Employee Culture: The Importance of Being Authentic

It’s important to be strategic and proactive when it comes to the creation of your employee culture. As with your organisation’s overarching...
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Marketing Collaboration Tools our Team Can’t Live Without While we WFH

At Staff Treats we were lucky to already have some remote working strategies in place before the Corona Crisis spread across the world. With...
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4 Ways To Promote A Culture Of Friendliness Within The Workplace

Workplace culture can be one of the most important factors in determining a company’s success, and yet it’s something we don’t talk about enough....
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Why Women in Leadership Benefit Your Company

Traditionally the corporate world has been dominated by men in leadership positions, but over the past few decades there has been a shift towards...
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Show Your Team Some Love This Employee Appreciation Day

Every year, the world celebrates Employee Appreciation Day on the first Friday of March. The day, which this year falls on 6th March, provides...
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Get Your Business Brexit-Ready: Part 2

As Brexit has now happened, I'm sure you are concerned about the UK’s future terms of trade with the rest of the world.
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8 Steps to Be an Effective Leader in the Workplace

Leadership is learned behaviour that becomes unconscious and automatic over time. For example, leaders can make several important decisions about...
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Get Your Business Brexit-Ready: Part 1

Brexit For Exporters to the EU I'm sure you are aware by now that a no-deal Brexit will impact your business. We'll all have to get used to new...
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5 Easy Tips to Keep Your Employees Happy

It's the million dollar question: what makes a happy employee? Companies around the world are constantly asking this question and yearning to find...
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Here's Why the Temperature in the Office is Never Quite Right

Research from the University of Southern California (USC) suggests that women really may prefer Venus over Mars - at least temperature-wise. The ...
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How To Boost Employee Satisfaction With Millennials

There is a lot of buzz around millennials, both good and bad. To some, they’re go-getters and digital masters. To others, they are entitled...
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10 Culture Hacks to Keep Your Best Employees

Enjoyable work, a good team, and flexible working – these are the three things that most engage UK workers. Sounds simple enough, right? Yet many...
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Why is the Employee Experience So Important?

What makes your employees happy? What makes them raring to go and excited to come to work? How do you improve productivity and boost morale? The...
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Why Gym Membership is One of the Top Employee Benefits

Have you heard of the firm that offers people with a new dog a week’s leave to help settle it in? Or the one that provides its staff with an...
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5 Fun Ways to Celebrate Staff Birthdays in the Workplace

Birthdays are those milestones which people either love or loathe... so, if someone in your team's special day falls during the working week, the...
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How to Create a Cool Office Environment

Entering the workplace today is an all but unrecognisable experience compared to 10 years ago. Gone are the days of corner offices, and even...
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Everything Employers Need to Know About Maternity Leave

It’s a situation that every employer have to face at some moment in their company’s life: your employee tells you that they are pregnant, and that...
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The Top 8 Craziest Employee Perks On Offer

When you think of your ideal employee perks, you may think of flexible working hours, working from home or maybe a generous number of vacation...
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How to Increase Workplace Productivity Among Your Employees

Employee and workplace productivity are vital for your organisation to stay alive.  But what turns an average employee into a productivity...
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How to Nail Employee Appreciation on a Lean Start-up Budget

There is one single factor that can make or break any start-up. It isn’t a proprietary algorithm, or even an idea. The single factor that makes or...
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Why Travel Is A Top Employee Benefit

There is nothing more exciting than planning a holiday or trip away. When you book a getaway, you start counting down the days and planning...
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3 Ways to Reduce Work Stress

Stress in the workplace is something that has a negative impact on both individuals and the companies that they work for. 

Employee Benefits: How to Keep Your Employee Happy, For Real

In the last decade of my professional life, working for a number of companies across various industries — from dental nurse recruitment to student...
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4 Essential Employee Benefits a Company Should Offer its Employees

HR professionals are constantly facing the challenge of how to best keep employees happy, motivated and engaged, whilst on the flip side, needing...
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What Type of Employee Benefits Should I Offer My Staff?

In today's competitive and global marketplace, employees have more choice when choosing what job they'd like to commit to. There are many...
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Ten top tips and tricks how to best retain your top talent

Attracting and finding the right employees for your team is a mammoth task as it is– people who fit in culturally, have aligned goals and the...
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5 Steps to Kickstarting Your Employee Benefits Scheme

Offering your employee benefits has so many advantages, so ensuring the scheme is kickstarted in the most effective manner possible should be a ...
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5 Ways to Encourage Employee Engagement

Engaged employees are priceless. There's no value a company can attach to a team which are engaged, happy and motivated. Employees are a company's...
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How Can Your Employee Benefits affect Your Company Culture

The employee benefits you offer your team are not just a reflection of your company’s culture – they also play a role in creating and maintaining...
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Employee benefits to engage your team – both big and small

As the saying goes – employees are a company’s biggest and most valuable asset. There’s nothing more true than this, as without a dedicated and...
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Staff Treats Launches Employee Benefits Platform for SMEs

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A Beginner’s Guide To Employee Benefits

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