How To Boost Employee Wellbeing Whilst Working From Home

Stephanie Butter   14 September, 2020
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Working from home has led to huge adjustments for most people. Depending on individual circumstances, it hasn’t always been beneficial for employee wellbeing. These are our top tips to prioritise employee wellbeing whilst the team is working from home.

In recent years employee wellbeing has become a primary focus for many businesses. Organisations have realised that employee wellbeing as a business strategy is beneficial for growth. Working with the best interest of everybody in the organisation rather than just a select few makes the business as a whole stronger. Employee wellbeing is closely linked with productivity and employee engagement.

What is Employee Wellbeing?

Employee wellbeing is linked to all aspects of our working lives. It is our mental health, how we feel about our work, our physical environment and the organisation as a whole.

There is a common misconception that employee wellbeing and a positive workplace means free beer and a ping pong table in the office, even companies that offer these perks still struggle with employee engagement and employee retention. The importance of nurturing company culture needs to come from the top down and it should consider how team members feel about their jobs and how this affects their overall health and happiness.

Employee wellbeing does include physical things like health and nutrition. However, it is also about mental health, a sense of purpose and accomplishment and how employees feel about their jobs as a whole. Prioritising employee wellbeing leads to happy employees who are more likely to stay with the company longer and speak highly of it whenever the opportunity arises.

How to Prioritise Employee Wellbeing Whilst the Team is Working From Home?


Paying attention to the present moment and the world around us can increase wellbeing by reducing stress and anxiety. Encourage employees to take a few minutes at some point during the day to watch their thoughts and notice the present moment. This can help reduce stress levels, improve overall health and help with productivity levels. Yoga and pilates are also great ways to practise mindfulness techniques. Staff Treats members get up to 20% off group classes at Bloomsbury and 10% cashback on activewear from Lululemon.



Mental illness has been on the rise for many years, but it’s no surprise that the isolation associated with lockdowns as a result of the coronavirus pandemic have seen rates of depression and anxiety sore. A US emergency hotline for people in emotional distress registered a more than a 1000 percent increase in calls during April 2020. HR managers should aim to create open lines of communication around mental health and encourage employees to seek professional help where required. Through our portal your employees gain access to 10% off online therapy sessions with Healing Clouds.


There is generally a lack of movement in our modern lives. Incorporating some movement into the working day can be hugely beneficial. Getting up from the desk, doing some small stretches or skipping on the spot for a few minutes can help get rid of that 2pm slump. Providing gym membership is one way to support your team in moving their bodies every day. If you are having lengthy calls and you don’t need the video on, encourage your employees to take the call whilst on foot. This is a great way to get some movement in without reducing productivity.

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Encourage Employees to Develop Friendships

Working from home all day can get lonely. Set up a Slack channel for your team to communicate on. Having a connection throughout the working day will alleviate loneliness. Encourage them to have a virtual drink together after work on a Friday. A happy team is one that gets along, allowing everyone to have a voice is good for overall team morale.

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Make Recognition and Praise Part of Company Culture

Subscribing to an employee benefits platform is a great way to show your employees how much you appreciate them. Employees can take advantage of discounted groceries, car hire and clothing! This aids financial wellbeing and can also increase employee retention. A reward and recognition scheme can allow the whole team to share success together which encourages and nurtures a positive workplace culture.  

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