Why You Should Provide WFH Phone & Accessory Employee Benefits

Sally Hetherington   22 April, 2021
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In today’s current climate with many people working from home, it is integral that your employees are equipped with the correct tools necessary to be as productive as possible. As such, your employee benefits should assist them with their mobile needs, including not only necessary communication tools but also smartphones that allow them to work remotely. 

Your employee experience is also enhanced by adding cool and necessary accessories such as phone cases, screen protectors and phone rings to the mix - usually available from phone case companies.

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The Benefits of Providing Smartphones

You may not see the need to include phones and access to phone case companies to your employee benefits when everybody already has their own, however, Samsung Insights believes there are some things to consider:

  • A Bring Your Own Device Policy Doesn’t Really Save Money:

Employees bringing their own devices often incur hidden costs to a company, and it often works out cheaper in the long run to provide phones for your employees. For example, having one brand of smartphone throughout the business means easy access to a single help desk to resolve all phone related issues - saving valuable time and frustration.

  • On the Go Access:

Today’s smartphones are powerful and secure - with many mobile apps being superior to their PC counterparts. Smartphones also add to your employee experience by allowing your employees to work remotely and collaborate easily - particularly relevant at present - whilst still having the entire office at their fingertips, with nifty tools adding to their productivity and engagement.

  • Smartphones are Secure:

Mobile operating systems are secure in a way that traditional operating systems are not, with apps being protected from each other. Providing smartphones also means that you can put measures in place to secure data and privacy across devices, and of course with a phone generally always being in your employee’s possession (unlike a desktop PC), your company data will only be accessed via their own biometrics.

Connect & Accessorise

Here are some employee benefits to get you started on kitting out your employees with phones, connectivity and accessories: 

  • Mobile Phones & Connectivity

Head on over to EE on Staff Treats for a range of smartphones, including Apple, Google, Samsung and Huawei - all conveniently available on monthly payment plans or pay as you go. EE also offers tablets, laptops and watches, as well as refurbished phones for those on a budget. 

Include in your employee benefits EE broadband for home or mobile to keep your employees connected on the go. Get 20% off EE line rentals saving up to £300 through our Staff Treats portal.

  • Tech Accessories 

Accessories from phone case companies don’t have to be boring and functional! Protect your smartphones with a cool case from Sonix, who offer a funky range of protective cases - with masks to match. 

And in current times with the need to keep it clean, Sonix has also brought out a nifty phone sanitising box which uses UV and O3 technology to sanitise not only your phone, but your sunnies, beauty tools or stationery - basically anything that fits! Use your employee benefits to get a cool 25% off all tech accessories.

  • Cool Cases

Skinnydip London is synonymous with all things fashionable, including clothing, bags, homeware, beauty, and of course cellphone accessories. They stock a range of cute phone cases, as well as screen protectors, grips, pop sockets, earbuds and headphones and cables. 

Choose from your favourite cartoon characters or opt for something more stylish and simple, all with shock-absorbing and anti-slip features. Shop online and earn up to 6% cashback.

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Adding smartphones and accessories to your employee benefits is a smart choice in increasing productivity and employee engagement

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