Why an EAP should be part of your employee benefits programme

Talya Zwiers   30 July, 2018
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Stress and anxiety are part and parcel of today’s busy life, and these feelings permeate into every aspect of life, including work. When life gets too tough to handle and an overwhelming frame of mind takes over, where do your employees turn? As a result of this, decreased performance and productivity will often hurt a small business with less employees, more than a large corporate.

Unfortunately workplace negativity and feelings of stress and doubt have the potential to spread like wildfire. Within any workplace environment employees will have problems or issues they are dealing with. The effect of these issues could result in short or long term absence or a decline in workplace performance. By providing an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP), where you intend to help your employees deal with the problems at hand, you will be demonstrating a duty of care to your employees by ensuring they have immediate access to 24/7 help and advice.

An EAP will enable your team to reach for help when they most need it. These programmes are confidential, third party counselling services for employees experiencing personal or work-related difficulties and is purely funded by the employer. There are various different packages when it comes to EAP, including: telephone helplines, structured telephone counselling, post trauma support, GP Call back and medical advice, commercial legal advice for HR, online Health Portal, online Health Assessments, online Personal Coaching Tools, to name a few.

The benefits of having an EAP are vast. This is one definitive way to ensure the wellbeing of your employees which in turns ensures the wellbeing of your organisation. According to Buck Consultants at Xerox, 85% of employers believe they have a significant responsibility to provide staff with an environment that promotes mental wellbeing. Below are some of the positive outcomes a small business can expect:

Reduces employee sick leave
An astounding 37% of employees have considered leaving their job due to stress at work. Therefore, a less stressed, healthy workforce are less likely to take extensive sick days, and will be present in the office on a regular basis. The rate of absenteeism will be reduced as employees know that are will be equipped with the necessary support they need, from accessing the work EAP. Being present at work often becomes a curse by many when they’re distracted by personal problems, as their attention is divided. EAP support can be instant so employees can get immediate help which will help them return to a healthy way of being.

Saves organisations money
It may appear hard to measure the ROI a company can save in the long run by spending money on an EAP, however the intangible benefits of having a workforce who is present, with a high morale, and are motivated with the desire and energy to achieve, speak for themselves. An engaged workforce who do not take an unnecessary days off because they’re feeling unwell or too down to come to work, far outweigh the cost of implementing and maintaining an EAP.

Retain the best staff
An engaged employee, is more likely to stay in their current role. However, when employees are not feeling great, both mentally and physically, with no work-life balance, and they do not receive the necessary support from their employer and they do not feel cared for, the more likely they are going to look around and leave. A high staff turnover is a costly expense, and it costs far more to recruit and train up new employees, than it does it retain your current staff. An EAP has the potential to give companies extra ammunition to help reducing the chance of employees leaving.

Improve employee health and wellbeing
Helping your employees with immediate access to the necessary services and support can have both a positive impact on their wellbeing, personally and professionally. As an employer, have peace of mind that they’re receiving the best support from leading EAP providers as well as drive the best value for your organisation. By providing access to a highly skilled and professional network of counselling professionals you can concentrate on business as usual, knowing that your employees are well looked after.

Boosts performance and productivity
A well looked after, engaged and happy employee who feels valued and cared for by their employer is more likely to be productive as well as have an increased level of performance in all their work. They know that their place of work cares for them and their holistic wellbeing, and hence they are more likely to feel comfortable. An EAP provides a safe haven for employees to be open discussing their issues at hand in confidence, and when at work, a huge weight has been lifted from their shoulders, so they have the mental capacity to focus on the job at hand. It’s a win-win for both parties.

If you would like more information about how Staff Treats can offer an EAP as a wellbeing benefit, along with its other employee benefits, get in touch.

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