Why Employee Recognition Should be All Year Not Just for Christmas

Talya Zwiers   3 December, 2019
Employee Engagement

‘Tis the season to be jolly. The end of the year is drawing near and employees, like everyone else, are looking forward to a break and winding down from 2019! The sun is setting early, Christmas festivals are beginning and the smell of mulled wine is present.

The festive season always seems to be one to say thank you to your employees and a big well done. It’s a time for cheer and celebration. Employees are more relaxed, most businesses are slowing down and the end is in sight (on the whole). For some companies, especially SMEs and startups, recognising employees seems to occur once a year at the end of year party. But recognition and acknowledging a job well done should be noted and awarded more frequently. Why wait a year?

Budget is usually what puts these so called ‘nice / must have’ schemes at bay. It’s very common that a lot of organisations think it will break the bank and cost thousands, however the opposite is true...

With that said, there are both formal and informal reward and recognition programmes which businesses can implement, starting with informal thank yous, a team meeting to acknowledge a milestone or even a bottle of champagne for the team to cheers a specific achievement. Frequent informal recognition can have an accumulative effect, where if an employee feels loved, cared for and valued, they will act positively again. This domino effect can spread like wildlife, but the opposite is also true. Disgruntled, unhappy employees can spread misery, pull the mood down and bring others down too.

A more formal reward and recognition programme is an investment without a doubt. These programmes can be tailored and aligned with your organisation’s values and behaviours and can be a great motivator to encourage and motivate employees. These can include winners walls where nominated employees can be viewed by all for a specific reason. These nominations can be peer to peer where team members can nominate and give e-cards to each other or it can be a top down programme where management award their teams.

Rewards and awards can be both financial and non-financial. A financial reward could be as simple as £x for x task and £y value for y task. It could be given as a bonus or a 13th cheque, the ways are endless. Non-financial rewards can include experiences, days out, time off work, shopping vouchers, physical gifts and more.

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The value of implementing such a scheme is invaluable. It motivates employees to be more productive and take initiative, it boosts team morale and it can most certainly encourage employee retention. There’s nothing more rewarding than being valued and recognised in the workplace. Never underestimate this value.

So, why only wait for the festive period? Make the whole year round jolly. Celebrate employee recognition where and when necessary. It’s a win-win for both the employees and the employer alike.

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