Why Travel Is A Top Employee Benefit

Stephanie   17 September, 2019
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There is nothing more exciting than planning a holiday or trip away. When you book a getaway, you start counting down the days and planning adventures to make the most of your free time. However employees usually can’t book a trip away because of the busy work schedule.

If employers actually promoted travel through their employee benefits, it may surprise everyone to learn that travel offers advantages to both individuals and the workplace.

In fact, if employers started focusing on travel as an employee benefit, organisations could create a more engaged, enriched and happier workforce. So, why is travel so effective, and why should you encourage your employees to have an adventure?

Why is Travel an Employee Benefit?

A recent survey has found that the top perks at work for people between 18-44 years old include are unlimited holiday days, flexible working hours and one free holiday a year. These three perks are now consistently in the top five employee benefits as chosen by employees.

Consequently, this survey shows that having the time and support from employers to focus on travel is important too much of the workforce.
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You may think your business cannot afford the time to encourage travel amongst your employees. After all, you don’t want an empty workplace and a mountain of unfinished work.

However, by offering them the perks at work they love, you’ll be seen as a better place to work, which will improve staff retention levels. What’s more, the business could see noticeable benefits from encouraging travel which can have a positive effect on business growth and success.

5x Reasons Why Your Business Should Offer Travel as an Employee Benefit


Improved Communication

As we experience different cultures and face different situations, we learn how to communicate in different and innovative ways. We may learn new languages or find ways to improve how we communicate to best get the message across. All of these skills can be extremely beneficial in the workplace.

More than this, travel offers individuals a chance to meet lots of new people all over the world. This can help your employees to create a global network. A bigger network can always be useful to businesses.

Positive Wellbeing

Travel can have such a positive impact on our health and wellbeing. It can lower stress levels and allow individuals to focus on their self-care, such as sleep and relaxation.

Getaways can also help individuals to find their sense of purpose outside of the office and enjoy hobbies and experience new activities. All of these can help to improve a person’s wellbeing so that they feel rejuvenated in the workplace.

Increased Productivity

Research has found that offering travel as an employee benefit can improve productivity by as much as 18%. Travel can motivate employees as they look forward to their next break, which can then help people to work harder to receive future benefits. Some see travel and holidays as the ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ at work!

For perks at work that make a difference, travel is one that can help to boost productive work levels for greater efficiency.

This is a fantastic aspect to measure in your business as those who come back after a break are typically more enthusiastic, with a renewed sense of energy that then infiltrates across the workplace to other colleagues.

Management Skills

Travelling requires a schedule, and time management is essential in order to get the most out of every trip.

Furthermore, employees will want to manage their workload around their travel to minimise stress while away and ensure work doesn’t stack up when they come back. All of these aspects take discipline, which can show critical management skills.

Travel also requires skills such as budget management, communication and the ability to make quick and accurate decisions when disruptions and issues happen. The skills of travel really transfer well into the business world.

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Reignite Their Learning

Travelling creates richer experiences; it can foster creativity and can provide invaluable lessons where people discover more about themselves, their surroundings, and so much more.

Furthermore, travel pushes people out of their comfort zone and enthuses a passion for learning and discovering new things.

It shows people how much room they have to grow and creates a passion for learning new things. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, and when your employees travel, they are likely to come back hungry to develop themselves, learn more in the workplace and hone their interests, so they’re really focused on what they want in their career.

Is Travel an Employee Benefit That You Should Offer?

You may think that encouraging your employees to travel means leaving your business in the lurch and lowering your business output.

But, as travel can improve morale, productivity, skills and passion for learning, it is a fantastic way to promote employee engagement and is an easy aspect to incorporate into your employee benefits package.

We know it may not be cost-effective to give your staff unlimited holiday, so at Staff Treats we offer a variety of travel discounts that your employees can use across a wide range of travel booking platforms.

Make it easy to encourage travel and reap the rewards for your business at the same time through happier, travel-addicted staff!

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