8 Reasons Why You Should Let Your Employees Work From Home

Amy Roberts   11 February, 2020
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Working from home has significant benefits for both employees and their companies; however, many companies have been slow to take up the remote working trend.

We caught up with Specialist Data Manager, Alison Moolman, on why she appreciates working for a company that allows her to work from home twice a week. 

1. It’s a Big Saving

My transport costs are significantly lower than before, as I work 35km from home. Even if my employer gave me a travel allowance, it would not compensate for the time that I save - and I’m aware that it would be a taxable benefit. I’m also very environmentally conscious, so I like that by staying at home I can contribute in a very small way to a much bigger global issue.

2. Time is a Commodity

My time is precious. By working from home, I gain 2 extra productive hours that I would otherwise have spent commuting to work. Whether I choose to commit those hours to office work or personal matters, they are far better spent at home. 

3. Higher Productivity

I cope better working at home, as I am far less distracted. At the office, there are constant interruptions, office chat and phone calls. Peripheral noise is a pet peeve of many employees. When I’m not at the office, I also save time, as I don’t have to waste productive time in long meetings. 

4. It’s Good for Mental Health

I feel less stressed when I work at home because I’m in my own comfort zone. On days when I work remotely, I don’t have to deal with an anxious commute, road rage and telephones ringing. A break from my colleagues also benefits me. Little things like having no clean cups at the office can cause frustration for me.

5. The Temperature is Perfect

This is a big one! At home, I can switch off the air conditioner or at least set it to a temperature that is comfortable for me. On a nice day, I can open the windows and let the breeze in if I so wish. At the office, it always seems like I’m either too hot or too cold. 



6. Weekend Breaks

I belong to a hiking club that hikes once a month, usually leaving around lunchtime on a Friday. The flexible schedule suits my way of living as I can clock in a few extra hours on some days and then finish earlier on a Friday to go away for the weekend.

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7. No Corporate Wear

I dress for comfort when working from home, as there’s nobody I need to impress. In contrast, the office demands more formal attire, which is often uncomfortable. The fact that I don’t need to buy so much corporate clothing also means that I can save a little bit of money for other things.

8. It’s Healthier

On days when I work remotely, I can spend some extra time at the gym and take a bit more time to prepare a healthy lunch, rather than grabbing something on-the-go. During flu season, it's especially nice to work from home as I’m exposed to fewer germs, and less likely to pass them around if I’m recovering from an illness. 

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